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Wwise not saving .wems?



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@@dsillman2000, ok, here we go:
1. Download test beta version of 'the toolkit' from our site (https://www.rscustom.net/)
2. Install AK wwise version you think it's ok, like 2015. it's smaller than 2014 and 2013? here(main package + Data)

2.1 Launch and close it once, so Toolkit could autodetect it later.

3. At the toolkit's audio field (it's near quality field (and it's lower one) which indicates 4 as default)
set your audio file, you may use wav\ogg and wem ofc :D
4. Fill all other fields
5. Save package(which is incredibly useful feature), now you'll see CMD windows popping up, when it's done save dlc.xml file nearby


You did it right :)

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@@dsillman2000, you should install version for RS2014, like wwise v2014 v2015 any of them will work..

also you probably will be happy using Toolkit to generate such files, since we support that, just point to guitar.ogg and you'll be fine :)

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hi i have this same problem and istall the wwise and the data. but when i try to save package, i get the next error.



2016-05-31 12:13:46.9872 | RocksmithToolkitGUI.Program (ERROR) : 

Void Convert2Wem(System.String, System.String, Int32)
Exception catched:
System.Exception Wwise audio file conversion failed: Could not find file 'H:\Downloads\master-\Wwise2015.tar.bz2'. Void Convert2Wem(System.String, System.String, Int32)    at RocksmithToolkitLib.Ogg.Wwise.Convert2Wem(String wavSourcePath, String destinationPath, Int32 audioQuality)


Where i can get the Wwise2015.tar.bz2?



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