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  1. But it still failed to generate the PC package. I'm doing this on my PC.
  2. Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me figure out why this error is preventing me from generating my dlc from the rocksmith toolkit: Package was generated with errors! See below: Error generate PC package: Could not find file 'C:\Users\DavidSillman\Appdata\Local\Temp\tmpA13A.dds'. Error generate Mac package: Could not find file 'C:\Users\DavidSillman\Appdata\Local\Temp\tmpA13A.dds'. You want to open the folder in which the package was generated? Nothing is inside the folder I told it to generate in, so this error appears to have been fatal. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  3. Point what to guitar.ogg? Sorry, I don't know much about the toolkit, my skills are super rusty. Can you give me a step-by-step plan to generate the .wem's?
  4. Hey, I was hoping you guys could help me figure this out. I followed the tutorials to every detail multiple times, but every time I save my Wwise project, under .cache/SFX/, only .ogg files are saved, not .wem's. Can any of you help me?
  5. I don't know what you're complaining about. I do ALL of my tabs purely by ear. EDIT: and that includes MORNING STAR BY PHILIP SAYCE GROUP... look it up. It took me ~4 days. The ending solo took me round 2 hours.
  6. @@Ardalista, I don't think it's as worth it to hear playback as it is to hear the song while you're tabbing. Otherwise, you have to keep going back to the same measure over and over again until you can get it right, which is a pain in the neck.
  7. Really? I've found it's easier to tab over the song. I don't think that's possible an either of those programs.
  8. Hey guys. I just wanted to know a way to use Wwise TO TAB FOR for xbox and ps3. As is, I can only use Wwise for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. How can I do it for other platforms? Thanks for looking, pls leave a reply.
  9. Hello. When I tried to save my work in EOF, it told me it couldn't export a chord because it couldn't be matched with the chord template. Because of this, it aborted its RS2 export. Help pls?
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to put in what is normally called a return bend, but Rocksmith calls them pre-bends. How would I go about doing this? My plan was to put a regular bend upwards, then link it next to a pre-bend. Help please?
  11. Hello, I've been trying to set up a note that will slide up to fret 22, hold there for a few seconds, then tremolo. Could anyone help me out with something like this?
  12. Error- When I try to fret a string higher than fret 17 on the low E string, it turns into a muted string note. Help please?
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