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Errors on start-up and update attempts of 2.9.0


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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did a cursory search and couldn't find anything.


When I start up the Toolkit, I get this error:




Despite that, it seems to work fine after dismissing it.



When I try to update to the beta, I get a similar error:


However, this time the error does impact the function and the update does not apply.


I'm using Windows 8, assistance would be welcome, thanks.

I've always got the multitracks.

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Hey, Karm, didn't you tried to unlock your .zip file you've dl'ed from the toolkit site? that should rempve message about cas policy and such!


there's a lot more topics on this over CF




Fair enough, the first one came up but didn't seem relevant, I feel like a fool now. Oh well, thanks!

I've always got the multitracks.

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Marked as solved, still I'd like to find a workaround for not having lockup on the zip file or no lockup for the toolkit modules, till then it's solved by unlocking\unblocking file from properties menu

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