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  1. http://www.cdlc.wit-n-wiz.com/RamblinMan/ For me, this notes.eof should demonstrate both of these issues I was having if one tries to create a new handshape or precise select like in tech note view. As I realized after some testing, it seems like it might be exclusive creating a notes.eof from a GH/RB notes.mid than any created from New. This is how I personally do most of my charts, but I imagine I'm in a very select minority that does so nowadays. EDIT: For clarity, I mean I'm importing from notes.mid from projects that ripped GH/RB songs to formats for FoF and Phase Shift.
  2. Re: Handshapes: Unfortunately I can't screenshot that it's showing h because it reads Print Screen as I press it, but I can confirm that it's saying "104 ('h')" and still creating arpeggio markers. In one file I was working on (A RB3 Pro chart I was updating) so far it ALWAYS becomes an arpeggio without fail, before that one it seemed to be somewhere about one in three or two times in other projects (but I'd simply tap the same key again while holding down CTRL+SHIFT so I'm pretty confident I was hitting h every time). I am someone who very often uses the Rock Band .mid's as starting points (f
  3. Hey! I noticed fairly recently there was an update for when loading an ogg it defaults to the project folder rather than having to navigate specifically there, which saves me some notable time on every project, thanks! I thought about requesting this at some point but felt it might be too niche to put time into, so it was a very pleasant surprise when it happened on its own. Some fairly niche requests I would like to make, as someone who does the majority of their tabbing out in EoF: -It's common for me to hit Ctrl+Shift+H to create a handshape and for it to create an arpeggio marker instead
  4. Yeah I ran into this same behavior when I was doing Start a Band and at the time my solution was just removing the handshape marking from the specific chord iteration that slides up. I didn't think to share the behavior for deeper investigation though.
  5. I usually edit together all the guitar parts beforehand in the Guitar Pro file myself. Tech notes don't copy with the notes they're modifying (even if you copy an earlier part from the same track), and I imagine it's probably not an easy fix if it hasn't been adjusted yet. Speaking of probably not easy fixing, I've noticed that when I change the tuning of a part it adjusts all the frets but doesn't adjust slide locations. If that's something that can be easily fixed, I'd appreciate it. (I also wouldn't mind if it did this if one changed the values via Ctrl++/Ctrl+- but I'm not holding my bre
  6. Thanks VERY much for this update, just got back into town so haven't tested it yet myself but I appreciate it. I'd second a Linknext keyboard shortcut myself, I know I abuse Linknext and I like being enabled to feed my addictions.
  7. Apologies if anyone has run into this issue before, I looked through the topics here and didn't see anything. Instead of rendering dead note chords as X boxes in the same chord shape (official DLC example in spoilers), I've noticed my recent CDLCs that I've charted are rendering them as a separate chord box that alternates with any non-dead note versions of the chord. This isn't just ugly but seems to have performance effects, as my game chugs a bit when I get to this chorus the first time. Firekorn was able to help me with pointing out that they are being rendered as separate
  8. Aha, fair enough, I didn't know of that shortcut, my bad.
  9. Not a huge issue, but if it's not much effort I'd like some modification to the Ctrl+X and dead notes in general. I'd like: -Ctrl+X to retain the fret information when used on a note --(currently turns the note into an X fret as well as turning on the 'muted' toggle marking it as a dead note, Rocksmith reads these as open notes) -Ctrl+X to be a toggle, just toggling the 'muted' toggle that marks them as dead notes -Dead note chords with the same chord shape as a non-dead note chord to copy the fingering from normal versions of the chord --(currently have no fingering information, which has t
  10. Similar to this topic, I'm working on a song (or rather updating an old one) which has a note ring out over other strings. I saw the process in this topic and intend to use it myself, but I'm merely curious if there's any plans to incorporate something like this with note statuses/tech notes in EoF as it's become a recurring thing (not necessarily common, but something I see in official DLC multiple times). I'm very happy with the current version of EoF regardless of your answer, the work on this program consistently blows my mind. I was just wondering if it's on 'the list' of future feature
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