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  1. Thanks for your reply. | Thanks for your Reply. You got exactly what I was saying. No, I was not talking about "audio quality", but the faithful transcription (if I can call it that) of the playing, be that guitar or bass. As I said before, I'm really thankful to all the creators for their effort and the time they spent doing something that I, selfishly didn't bother.... doing a great or even mediocre transcription of a song. Having said that, you also mentioned " that are getting quite close to official content " and I would love to check a couple of examples like that. Maybe I was not lucky enough or maybe I like songs that the transcriptions are not that good, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough to find one that I would say, wow, this is a great transcription... sorry, maybe I'm just an old guy "complaining" and thank to everybody that responded or do the creation of CDLC.
  2. Hi guys, do you feel underwhelmed by the quality of the CDLC? Don't tale me wrong, I'm really grateful to the people putting their time and effort and for free providing everybody lots of hours of practice ... I'm just wondering if there is a way that we could try to increase the quality of the final product, more now that UBISOFT stopped providing new DLC... Maybe a way to vote ? Give it some stars?
  3. It installs but when trying to open, it crashes immediately.
  4. Get an error when trying to download latest release. The beta one is OK, but it gives a lot of errors. Thanks
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