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  1. Either I'm hitting the sauce HARD or this is the first time in a long time I've logged in. Or both Searching for a song - Ignition no longer shows the path? I only see the artist and song.
  2. Well I gotta log in more often. I'm really sorry about your parents. It's never easy to go through something like that. My sincere condolences. So I'm not into Patreon - I'll have to look into it. But you can expect me to use it to donate again. It's been too long for me. Thanks for running this man!
  3. Happy Birthday noahfence!

  4. Happy Birthday noahfence!

  5. Can we get this fixed with something besides "Neener neener you shouldn't use Norton"?
  6. Any response guys? I don't feel like clicking "go anyway" on every page I visit.
  7. Good afternoon! First, the particulars - I'm using a widows 10 machine and Song Manager v 1.2.9 Say, I wanted to add dynamic difficulty to this song "Roads to Madness" by Queensryche. I'm afraid it may be too long? Is this a known issue? The song is just over 9 minutes long. This is the error: Maximum playable arrangement limit? Anyway, I double checked on another shorter song and adding the DD works. Like a charm actually. It's pretty frickin cool. Thanks guys!
  8. Christ. You kids and your fancy programs. Get off my lawn! :( Well that was embarrassing.
  9. Unpacking was the old way of getting it into the Rocksmith dlc folder. Are you saying if I just copy the files straight into the dlc folder it'll work?
  10. If an admin can delete the other thread I started in the toolkit section that'd be good. I think I may have started that in the wrong place. I'm looking for detailed instructions on how to simply unpack a p.parsec file using the latest build. I had to rebuild my PC and after getting the appropriate files through the AV software (Norton) I cannot for the life of me get a song unpacked and into the game. Right now I'm going in circles. I swear I have the configurations all set, the D3DX9.DLL file is where it goes, etc.... I'm feeling pretty friggin stupid here.
  11. I'm not sure I was clear so if I wasn't I apologize, but I'm just looking to install the CDLC I've downloaded from here. Not trying to create any new ones.
  12. I got it past that point, but now when I unpack, or rather "Repack AppID" it goes through the motions like the old build, but it's not in my list of songs. It doesn't put it in the folder I specified in the configuration. Do all the steps I've put in check out?
  13. No? How about a link to the previous build? Beuller?
  14. Anyone have any idea how to use this new Toolkit?
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