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  1. I haven't done a CDLC (or, really, touched a bass) in a very long time. I would love to get back to it, but time management… L
  2. HI, I'm probably gonna get flamed for this but... How can I run the toolkit without being the administrator? Is it possible? I searched but didn't find the answer. Thanks, L
  3. Cool, thanks. I did try the GP8 version and, yeah, not comparable... even if GP4 is 5 years older. L
  4. HI, Has anyone used the new version of Guitar Pro 8 to sync songs instead of using Go Play Along 4? If so, what changes? I'm trying to figure out the best way to sync my tab with a track in GP8. I could do it pretty quickly with GPA4, but if I can rely on one less tool, that would be great! Thanks for any insight, L
  5. lduperval


    https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/18784 https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/38127
  6. Thanks. i deleted all the .wem files and reloaded and it worked. L
  7. HI, This is not the same problem as a similarly named thread. :) I am working with an old version of a DLC I made a year or two ago, to fix some of the issues. Back then, I synchronized with manual mapping and I don't want to redo it with Go Play Along because I had a lot of trouble syncing it in the first place. I made my changes and tried to regenerate the file, but when I try to generate, I get: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10RUK0iN4XQ0vsEDdSUkdZhsoU6VrwgB8 unfortunately, I can't see the rest of the stack trace so I don't understand the problem. Can anyone help? Thanks, L P.S. I'm using the latest version
  8. Hi, The following files are generated from GPA and exported into EOF. There is a warning that says that there is a beat before the start of the audio and these beats will be omitted fromt the import. What does that mean? At the beginning of my CDLCs, I generate some silene in order to do the clicks before the first note. What happens is that the song is synced correctly, but everything starts at the second beat of a measure. So it's all off by 1/4 note, which looks weird in game play. Does anyone know how I can correct this? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mPrqbUOxLg4CR7JXFdJFjRfTPB9Z55yv Thanks, L
  9. So something like a 1/32 note sliding to a 1/4 note? Ok, I'll try that. Thanks, L
  10. Hi, I'm not sure how you call this, but I'm trying to do a quick slide from one note to the next on bass. I use Guitar Pro to do my editin. I though "Slide from above" would do it, but it doesn't give the result I want. What I'm looking for is this: https://youtu.be/MXvhLakjMqo?t=10 That quick slide from G to G#. I have a lot of these so if it's something that can be fixed in GP7, I prefer that solution. If not, then I'll do it on EOF. Thanks, L
  11. OK, thanks for the clarification. Should be much faster than closing and relaunching. L
  12. Hi, I tried the time signature change, but it doesn't do what I want. I tried reexporting the song while changing the first three measures to 2/2 and at the third measure make it 4/4 but I still don't get the beat on every note. I still get it every two notes. So it's OK, I'll wait until you're able to release the next patch and try again then. Thanks! L
  13. Hi, I've seen this in the past but never asked: Why does EOF start flickering all of a sudden? I'll be working and all of a sudden it's as if every tab gets the focus quickly. So it,s as if it's witching from easy to medium to hard to expert.... and starts over. The net result is that I usually have to restart the app. Has anyone else seen this, and if so, what am I doing that causes this? Thanks, L
  14. Cool! I'll hold off for the update before trying again. L
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