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  1. I was brokenhearted to have to share this news!! You are GREATLY missed but all the New Jersey references I have received since your passing make me laugh and think of you!! Rock In Paradise Nanosynth!!

  2. Rest in Paradise Nanosynth. Thank you for your service.

  3. RIP man, never talked to you but i've played a couple of your charts, 
    Thanks for everything mate.


  4. Rest in peace,  thanks for making this community greater.

  5. R.I.P. I've never had an interaction with you, but I did play many of your charts (just a bass player). Very good charter and you will be missed on my end!


  6. RIP man. I've never had an interaction with you, nor did I ever play one of your charts (just not a bass player), but I can tell our community valued your input and discussion. You will be missed.

  7. Thanks for the great chats and encouragement, buddy.😥

    1. Skyler


      i do not know you but without people like you, i would not be able to read tabs and play. this helps me cope with life so much and i really can let things go and drift away when playing. you really helped alot of people just by charting these which im sure you had a blast doing too! ill remember you whenever i log on here everyday.  

  8. RIP. I enjoyed seeing you around in song comments and talking about some doujin jazz with you.

    May your legacy live on.

  9. R.I.P man...  I'm happy I was able to fulfill most of your Bass requests before your passing. 
    I know the community and myself have really enjoyed your contributions as well. 

    Rock On Dude🤘

  10. heyy nanosynth R.I.P. Thank You for all the CDLC And for Being You . . . RawkOnBro

  11. RIP, so sad to lose a member of our community, I hope your rocking out with Eddie Van Halen in heaven. 😞

  12. Rest in peace sir. May you be rocking out with the greats and shredding some tunes.

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