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  1. Alright, I figured I might as well make a video of it. It's silent, but I added text to show what I meant.
  2. I know, it'd be easier to show in a video example or something, but anyway... Typical scenario for me... a phrase like "Do you want to go" followed by a second phrase like "I'mm ready" 1) I select "I'mm" and edit the spelling. Then press OK. 2) After pressing OK, it's still highlighted/selected without me doing anything else (and currently the only thing selected). I need to make this second phrase move a half second over, so... 3) I Shift+Click on "ready", with the intention that since "I'm" is highlighted, then shift+clicking "ready" would only select those two words. Bu
  3. The thing is, if I'm not editing a word. Like I'm just selecting one, then do Shift+Click on a word to the right, those words and the words in between those words get selected. As expected. But like I mentioned above, if I go into and correct the spelling of a word, then press OK, a Shift+Click on a word to the right would select everything to the left all the way to the beginning of the song. It's a weird result that I don't think makes sense.
  4. I don't know if this has been reported before, but I can pretty consistently reproduce this "bug" in EOF... While editing PART VOCALs, when I add a word or edit a word (Edit Lyric dialog box), then press OK out of it... if the next thing I do is a Shift + Click on a different word on the current screen, everything to the left gets selected. I don't think that's the intended action is it?
  5. I'm not sure if it's happening to other people, but I'm seeing 2021 for newly added CDLCs. As in, even if I replace and enter the number 1988 or something, after the submit button, the field still prefills as 2021.
  6. I'll have to experiment some more, because I had tap harmonics a few songs back. I can't remember which song. But setting just natural harmonic and the T on it, I couldn't get the game to recognize it. Even when playing at slower speeds. So I just marked it as Ignore.
  7. Any chance for Alone Again - Dokken?   Thank you for all your other Dokken songs.

    1. Hameron


      You're welcome!

  8. Thanks. I know this probably isn't one of those priority things. In the meantime, I might need to look for ways to create macros that will do those steps and map it to FN+NumberKey or something.
  9. Is there a way to use the regular number keys (or an alternate method) instead of the numpad keys for jumping to spots I've set in a song? I sometimes work on my laptop instead of my desktop PC, and my Lenovo laptop doesn't have a numpad.
  10. Dumb question, but what was the planned intent of tags? Before v4, when we still had the tag textbox, I had started putting in related artists. But I'm seeing some old threads that talked about that upcoming feature as more of a genre field.
  11. I know this is how it needs to be right now, but can that be automatically regex/replaced out in the future by the form? Similarly, for the need to include the hour part of the song length format, when about 99% of songs would only need the last 3 numbers of hh:mm:ss. Just wonderin'.
  12. I would not name it as "You", because it's probably not exercising a precise technique. And it isn't either an educational tutorial from an Artist. But under YouArtist would still be alright. I would keep it under Van Halen - 2 Minutes of 10 songs each is a pretty long compilation of 20 minutes, finding the right part to exercise may not be very comfortable. I think You exercices should remain short, with not too may sections, to quickly find and remember what you want to train. I would not name it as "You", because it's probably not exercising a precise technique. And it isn't eit
  13. I haven't gone through all the ones listed for "You" as the artist to check, but I'm wondering about something. What are you all's thoughts on using short real clips from songs in one exercise file. For instance if there's a "You - Play Like Van Halen" created, that has two minutes worth of clips from 10 different songs chopped together. Is that okay? (Obviously, if an artist that has ODLCs is done, none of the clips include DLC songs)
  14. Hmm. I took the delay off for the version 1.0 release. I guess we'll see if people want it back. It should be in there if a person loads the tones of the song from Rocksmith and uses that for their own tone.
  15. I'm working on a song that has a pretty big echo in a spot. I can match the timing by adding a delay to the tone, but here's the problem... When doing Riff Repeater at below 100% speed, it gets all wack. The song's delay effect gets slower, but the guitar's delay remains the same. So I'm not sure, but this could be pretty annoying for anyone practicing at a slower speed, so this might just be a design decision. Should I just remove the delay in the guitar tone?
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