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  1. I have sent you a message regarding cdlc you are looking for.

  2. Hello, I have had this same issue after computer or system upgrades over the years and have reinstalled the game and was back in business. Before you do this back up your dlc folder so you can install your current dlc folder to your fresh install of the game. I hope this helps!!
  3. Just tried to download "Bitch in a Box by Ze Gran Zeft", the link works as intended 😀

    1. Not14Chaos


      Thank You! Sorry for the delayed response, I have been dealing with family health issues and frozen pipes.

      I just downloaded the file and hope to be able to play it this weekend!! Unfortunately I keep getting code. I tried to attach a 245 kb screenshot but it keeps giving me a 500 kb size limit error.

      Could you email the file to me at: littlemonstersofsouthpark@gmail.com


      Thank You!!

  4. It worked when I tried it 1st thing this morning but now the error is back and nothing helps.
  5. @Fflo OAuth error for me too! Please help! I do understand you are looking for the core issue and will keep checking back. Thank You!!
  6. Apparently it is skot_rocksmith because your User Name precedes your post. It is also on your Profile. Hope this helps!! 😊

  7. Happy Birthday Not14Chaos!

  8. Happy Birthday Not14Chaos!

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