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  1. On behalf of the CustomsForge moderation team, I'd like to take a moment to address something that's causing us a bit of grief. Back in September of this year, Google Drive implemented a security update that has affected a wide variety of charts on Ignition. The charts affected were charts that were uploaded prior to November 2017. As part of the new update, Google Drive links now require a resource key to access, and new users will not be able to access charts with expired links. Users that have previously downloaded charts (as well as the uploader) can continue to access these files fine. Unfortunately, this update has been causing our moderation staff issues because we have so many reports for dead links coming in that we just can't handle them all. For an idea of how overwhelming this has been, here is a snapshot from the first page of our report queue on November 23rd, 2021: Note: for privacy reasons I have blocked out the names of both the reporter and the reported parties involved. To be safe, we recommend that charters update links on all charts that they have made prior to 11/xx/2017. Our normal report rules still apply to these charts and they are not immune to removal from the Ignition4 database. To all our users reporting the charts affected: we get your reports and we appreciate your proactivity in keeping our database up to date and to our charters, we appreciate your efforts in helping us keep our database current.
  2. Please put this link on the chart and notify staff so we can update the link.
  3. This is not the place. If you are requesting a new chart, go to our request or commission forums. If you are looking for a link for an existing chart, ask on the chart itself and report the chart for a dead link. Locked.
  4. Rocksmith 1 imports require the following: - You must own Rocksmith 1 on the platform you're using, or the platform family you're using for consoles. Rocksmith 1 must have an achievement on your Xbox account to have the DLC available on Xbox One/Series consoles, or a trophy on PS4/5. On PC, owning the title on Steam will suffice. Prices may vary depending on platform. - You must buy the RS1 Disc Import Tool on your platform store of choice. This is $10 and will import the majority of the on disc song catalog from RS1 into RS2014. The songs that are included can be found at The Riff Repeater. Further instructions and song listings can be found here.
  5. I'm confused... did you let the enumeration process finish the first time after closing and re-opening the game? If you didn't, no wonder it didn't work. If you needed to restart your computer for the game to register a deleted file, I'd be making sure your hardware is in order and your drives aren't failing. That behavior isn't normal.
  6. Have you tried restarting the game to get it to re-enumerate your collection?
  7. No one's bothered making CDLC that works on PS4. Regardless of if it could (lets assume for the sake of argument that it can), you'd still need to be a 7.50 JB or lower. For the price of one of those you could get a bargain bin laptop at your equivalent of Best Buy and run Rocksmith 2014 perfectly fine with full customs support. Personally, that's what I would do.
  8. RIP man. I've never had an interaction with you, nor did I ever play one of your charts (just not a bass player), but I can tell our community valued your input and discussion. You will be missed.

  9. I actually had a similar issue. Choose the WASAPI option in Audacity and choose your output as your microphone. It will then record fine. OBS not capturing audio doesn't sound right though.
  10. Why not use OBS Studio? Also its worth noting that if you want to use Rocksmith to give you amp/pedal settings, you can use stereo mix. If you don't have it, try updating your audio drivers.
  11. His post says that beta access will be continuing as planned through our site Patreon. The link is in Unleashed's OP.
  12. This notice is to all charters that utilize Zippyshare to host their links for their customs on Ignition. Our administration and moderation team has decided that any chart that still utilizes Zippyshare as a hosting platform by September 1st, 2020 will be deleted. Zippyshare has not been allowed as an authorized hosting provider for over a year now and we are noticing an increase of reports from users in the European Union that are not able to download the charts because Zippyshare is blocked. We hope that providing you a notice in advance of our planned deletion date will allow you to update your customs to an authorized hosting platform such as MediaFire or Google Drive. Respectfully, The CustomsForge Administration and Moderation Team
  13. Happy Birthday ctrl!

  14. For the record, we never told you that custom files are not allowed, only that they can't be in one folder because it makes it nyon impossible for us to moderate the folder when a song becomes ODLC. You are more than welcome to put each song's files in a separate folder and link each of them.
  15. Happy Birthday ctrl!

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