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  1. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  2. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  3. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  4. Question again I'm sorry. I tried to do that since that is what I was used to but I kept getting errors when trying to import into eof. Would you please list a simple step by step on how to just get the songs into to eof so I can edit them.
  5. So I want to update my songs since I realize that most of them have not been updated and therefore do not work with the current version of Rocksmith. However I don't have backups set up due to having a new computer and I have not made a custom in quite some time but I do keep playing this game :D Anyway, do I have to start over and make the songs again or is there a way to import and easily modify for I remember doing this at times for quick fixes but I forgot how and couldn't figure it out toying around for a few minutes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the lame
  6. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  7. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

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