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  1. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  2. TranceXZero


    Many months ago I had posted that I was going to retire from making customs but recently I got my guitar back up and running and played a bit of the game which I hadn't played since April of this year and I got to say, I'm back into it. :D So... I will be revisiting my old customs to see if there is any that need some tweaking which when I last think about it, most of them I had already done that right before I stopped playing. I also have ideas on new one's to do but I have not checked the database and I'm sure many more people have joined since and have been creating away. I do my be
  3. Hello, I'd like to start off by thanking everybody on this community that I have had the pleasure of working on songs with since the beginning of this site and on the previous one that went down which I can't remember the name of at this moment. It's been a long time since this website has launched and it's great to see how far it's come and I hope for it to improve in the future as well with more members joining everyday. I have always had issues with this game even though I stand at 1013 hours on steam playing this game and it's largely due to the fact of developers not pushing
  4. Happy Birthday TranceXZero!

  5. Apologies in advance if this is something that is not allowed but I could not find anything that says something regarding this subject. So a while back looking through these forums I managed to find a link that took you to official tones of the Rocksmith songs that you needed to import via buying them from Steam along with all the DLC that had come up to that point. Seeing how I still have that file it has been quite handy in making songs with the best sounding tones. I am looking now to improve a song by "The Pretenders" and I know that they have a DLC package out now and wondering if there
  6. First of all an apology for this was answered already but the after following the steps I can't seem to figure this out. I now have a text file with all the shortcuts I will use so I won't have to be asking since it's a nightmare finding answers online but again I come with this simple question that hopefully will be the last time I ask. As I take time off I forget this one thing that has me going crazy. Question was answered and this is what I got last time but I can't seem to find the save file where the custom tones are stored. ---------------------------------------------------------
  7. I have not made a dlc in a while and I completely forgot how to import tones into the toolkit that you made from the game. I remember you have to change the file type to a .xbox or something like that but after hours of manually trying and looking through the internet I can not find anything related to importing tones in this way. To be clear this is not getting a tone through a normal song ie. going to load tone and clicking a song so it loads the tones in that song. This is getting the tone out of the game that you made yourself into the toolkit. Please and thank you!!!
  8. cool i'll try that, and this is on the same string for the one that's on the one string right?
  9. how would you go about transposing them. I have these two parts that I want to fix. one of them is 29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1tdzl7q663rgaa/2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3816qtdgjao9x5/1.jpg?dl=0
  10. So I have a few songs that go into the 29's on the fret board and on EOF I am having the notes not come out right in the game. It must be something with the camera that I'm not doing right, but I did change the fret count to 30+ and it doesn't work in game, the notes don't come out. Any help :D
  11. I am planning on making lots of cdlc upcoming but some of the ones I want to do are already made. Seeing as how I am obviously dumb and don't know where the appropriate threads are discussing this sort of thing can someone shine some light on me. I do not have any intentions on taking their material for I would start mine from scratch. I just want to know the rules on duplicates since I remember I had done one long ago and there was some sort of issue even in the slightest.
  12. Question again I'm sorry. I tried to do that since that is what I was used to but I kept getting errors when trying to import into eof. Would you please list a simple step by step on how to just get the songs into to eof so I can edit them.
  13. So I want to update my songs since I realize that most of them have not been updated and therefore do not work with the current version of Rocksmith. However I don't have backups set up due to having a new computer and I have not made a custom in quite some time but I do keep playing this game :D Anyway, do I have to start over and make the songs again or is there a way to import and easily modify for I remember doing this at times for quick fixes but I forgot how and couldn't figure it out toying around for a few minutes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the lame
  14. It's with any dlc, i clicked update and this is the version i'm using if it makes a difference. I used to run this just fine I don't know what went wrong, pretty sure i've changed nothing. http://i67.tinypic.com/axinpx.jpg
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