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  1. omfg, dude, you my hero. It's worked!. Topic close
  2. Result: I found a hundred ways to redirect sound. but no one defeated the exclusivity of sound. Worked only: game sound very queit, but a loud high-frequency squeak is played. Please do not close the topic. Maybe someone will have more options
  3. Doesnt' work. I tried to connect the output from the external audio Interface to Line-in/Microphone/headphone Realtek card... And it's worked! But, audio captured with very very very very high frequency squeak. So idk...
  4. OBS cant capture audio too. Stereo mixer only for Realtek audiocard, but Realtek stereomixer dont capture audio. External audio Interfaces dont have Stereo Mixer. I use actual driver for audio interface.
  5. sry for my bad english. Hi guys! i want to record a playthrough. But bandicam cant capture audio from Rocksmith. I can record audio with integrated audiocard (realtek or via) but it's doesn't work for external audio Interfaces . I find 1 guide in steam, but it's doesn't work. Audio interface: Behringer UMC202HD. playback devices: recording devices: I choice in Bandicam for recording audio: IN 1-2 - bandicam recording clean guitar I choice in Bandicam for recording audio: OUT 1-2 - silence I choice in Bandicam for recording audio: Stereo Mixer (realtek card)
  6. Hello! Discrography will be available in the coming weeks. Currently 1 album is available via the link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Доброго времени суток, в этой теме в ближайшее время буду выложены все (почти) песни из дискографии группы, на каждую будет ссылка. В своё время 80% песен были загружены, но в разноброс без систематики а часть из них были удалены с трекеров. Сразу повешу дисклеймер: к сожалению я не профессиональный музыкант, и даже не продвинуты
  7. Happy Birthday gizmo!

  8. Happy Birthday gizmo!

  9. Happy Birthday gizmo!

  10. Честно говоря по басу я не специалист, но если так по памяти то попробуй: BALL AT THE PRINCE OF DARKNES, SERVING THE EVIL HAND, CITY
  11. Другие кастомы работают хорошо? Скорее всего ошибка допущена на этапе конвертации в Wwise, + новые версии Wwise просто отказываются нормально конвертировать. Какая версия Wwise?
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