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  1. Hello, Can someone who loves Angels & Airwaves do the song Heaven please? Mostly for bass as that is what I have been learning for the last year. Also Everything's Magic. Someone did it but it does not work! Please please please and thank you so much!! (885) Angels & Airwaves - Heaven (Audio Video) - YouTube
  2. Also Any Fenix tx please! Preferably All My Fault and Threesome!! Thanks creators! Please make sure the bass is there. This is one of my fav bass lines!!
  3. Hi All, Huge Angels & Airwaves fan. Can someone make my life and do Heaven? Guitar and bass please. I love bass lines. Thanks so much. Also maybe a redo of Everythings Magic. It is the only song that seems to not work! You would make my life. https://youtu.be/Qzm_1Tuor1A
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