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  1. You know your stuff Coldrampage! That FHP regen did the trick, thanks. And that other mod for faster boot, no, my drive is too slow, but what you said too was a big help with restoring the cache..much appreciated!
  2. Splendid. Just what I wanted to know. I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  3. Odd thing going on here, only when doing this. Unpack CDLC. Load that bass.xml and .ogg from it into EOF. Make changes to notes. Save. Use WWISE, then RockSmith Tool Kit to build new CDLC into PSARC. When playing now, sometimes there will be up to what looks like a 12 lane highway of notes coming at you. Some of the notes will not even be on the highway lanes, like the F notes (1st fret E string) will be off the side of the highway not defined by a lane that meets up with that fret while the notes that come at you right after that F, say they wind up at the 7th fret, those are fine, but the roadway is still 6 or 8 or more lanes. All the notes are proper and in sync, just how they are delivered down the fretboard coming at you. I did notice that when I do what I just described at the beginning, when I import a standard 4 string bass.xml file, it shows up in EOF as a 6 string layout in the real22 bass track. Even when I change it to 4 string track and it adjusts the notes, then when compiled, it still has the 8 or more lane highway when playing. When I see it go to like 6 lanes wide, and its just a bunch of open E string notes coming at me, those open E notes are 6 inch wide red note horizontal representations. Any ideas why it is this way when only building a CDLC from a dissassembled CDLC's bass.xml and .ogg file ?
  4. Hey. With this MOD, if after you install it and find out your drive is too slow, how do you get rid of it ? I didn't install it yet to try out. Would it just be as simple as removing it in Control Panel / Programs And Features ?
  5. Yes, you are 100% correct, thank you. I have no idea why yesterday I couldn't do that and it said to check my log and in the log I saw "BB II TEST - sdfsadf\notes.eof" does not exist". Today I just started up EOF, imported the xml and then the original sound file from the psarc and no problems.
  6. After you unpack a psarc, is there anyway to convert the PART REAL_BASS_22_RS2.xml file back into a notes file so you can have it all laid out in EOF as if you had just created it? I do notice that when you unpack a psarc and extract the Guitar Pro file from it, that it does have the BPM's adjusted to the anchor points, which is a help, but I want the entire original notes file to see. Is it possible ?
  7. It will not let me upload any CDLC's. It doesnt like the format of the Youtube link even though it is the same link format I have used before. Also, why am I the only one who uploads CDLC's and the person cant download them, there is no down arrow on the far left when browsing my CDLC's for download. You have to click on the music note on the far left and then it brings up the entire page for that one song I created then the person can download it from there. Where is you instructions for uploading CDLC's ? Cant you put them on the drop down where someone would go to upload their CDLC's ?
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