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  1. R.I.P man...  I'm happy I was able to fulfill most of your Bass requests before your passing. 
    I know the community and myself have really enjoyed your contributions as well. 

    Rock On Dude🤘

  2. Added Bass and Vocals for "Don't Take My Life" I feel like doing some stuff off Thunder Seven Next :D
  3. Added Bass and Vocals for "A World of Fantasy" More Coming Soon ;)
  4. @ZagatoZee Wtf?!?! Wow, dude just wow... A long, long time ago, I jokingly thought to myself that LaceyB and SeanMo were the same person. I brushed off that idea cause "Cancer is bad, m'kay." I had no clue it was true.... I used to like Lacey/SeanMo until I found out they re-used some of my charts as their own on their Gdrive. I was like "Well, Al-right-y then." It makes so much sense to find out they're the same person. Anyway, stay safe from Covid and I'm looking forward to future charts from everyone and what ubi has in store for us soon.
  5. I'm surprised that there was no "The # of downloads a chart has doesn't reflect the chart's quality" under part5. I guess the "In the end..." part assumes this, but it would have been nice it if was stated to help new users out :P.
  6. A uncharted Rush song oh my... Rush - Workin' Them Angels
  7. Pokémon!!! lol ...Thinking about maybe doing the whole album idk John Loeffler, Russell Velázquez - 2.B.A. Master : Pokémon 2.B.A. Master
  8. Heart - How Can I Refuse Pat Benatar - Cool Zero
  9. I was waiting for like a more official announcement on this but we're already 5 days into December. So Imma start uploading stuff now. :) Alice Cooper - Dangerous Tonight Alice Cooper - Die for You
  10. @SuperSonic Hmm, I actually don't think ghost notes are used on slides in odlc. It's likely the tab author was trying to mimic a delay effect by using them. From my understanding slide guitars use delay a lot to help with sustains. (which might help with one of your tones since there is a very, very slight delay in that part of the song.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Um, you could change the ghost notes to normal notes and mark it with the crazy status: (crazy status shouldn't do anything more in this case (I think :unsure: ), but it'll help you differentiate between what's played and not when viewing in eof.) (btw, some of your slide notes weren't properly marked as 'linknext' (ex. 13 note in pic above) which also might be causing the issue too.) Sometimes, slides without ghost notes are marked as ignore which might help too.
  11. @SuperSonic Hmm, I'm curious... It sounds like a DD problem. Are your sections/phrases on beat 1 of a measure (white beat bars) in eof? If not, try putting them only on beat 1 and nowhere else. That might fix it. Um, also try generating it without DD.
  12. Updated "Carry on the Flame" with guitars and vocals
  13. Updated my own version of "If Only" with guitars
  14. I feel your pain my dude :), I have to make them from scratch because of it.
  15. (Forgot to update this topic earlier lol) Added "Don't Love Anybody Else But Me" Updated "Never Say Never" with Rhythm Guitar Path
  16. @ Very cool stuff the Malice song reminds me of something Golden Earring would play. Your timing is great (imo is the most important thing when it comes to band stuff, especially on bass). I've been playing Bass umm 12 years now. I didn't learn from Rocksmith but playing Rocksmith itself basically help me by playing more days in a week instead of before Rocksmith when I only practiced on weekends. Making Rocksmith charts surprisingly helped me train my ear (further at least) more than anything really lol. I've been in and out of a few bands, mostly cover bands. Here's a recording of my old band jamming, myself on Bass (not trying to be one to one cover, just playing for fun) Very First recording take too lol :D Rolling Stones - Saint of Me - https://soundcloud.com/allen-lind/saint-of-me-mixbus CCR - Fortunate Son - https://soundcloud.com/allen-lind/fortunate-son-mixbus Anyway, I love this site, community, and I'm glad to be apart of it. Everybody here is very supportive of others and tries to help improve their music skillz in some way lol. Thx for sharing your progress and encouragement B)
  17. Yes it is, That what I have done to my folder to organize it. :)
  18. Make sure all of these fields I highlighted are updated and filled out properly before generating a package. Hope this helps :)
  19. Updated 11/25/2018 (my Birthday :P ) Added Request List
  20. @avdocatwork I did some bass testing for the new ones. Also, glad to hear that the Sly and the Family Stone Custom was fixed and working for you. The Mccoys - Hang on Sloopy Entire tab off by 1 fret. Currently 3-5 fret pos needs to be 2-4 fret pos. Walter Egan - Magnet and Steel In the last chorus there's a B note (2nd fret) is repeated for another measure instead of going back to A open oh and I think the turnaround run in the chorus is: G-----------------| D-----------------| A---0----2-3-4--| E------2----------| not G-----------------| D-----------------| A---0-0-2-3-4--| E-----------------| The Guess Who - These Eyes I'm fixing the missing notes that I hear, I'll send you a .zip when I'm done sometime this week :)
  21. @avdocatwork I haven't tested the new ones yet. I'll take a look at these later. :) The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy - 1965 Walter Egan - Magnet and Steel - 1978 The Guess Who - These Eyes - 1968 Also, I've been working on some Who songs lately "Sister Disco," "You Better You Bet," "Pure and Easy," and "The Song is Over". I was wondering if you needed any help with the Bass on "Christmas" for the CRC Christmas pack?
  22. @avdocatwork I did some bass testing for your songs Black Sabbath - Laguna Sunrise Interesting choice to use the low guitar notes since there's no actual bass in the song I like. The Guess Who - These Eyes alot of missing notes at the end and some here and there throughout the song I can fix the tab if you want Them - Baby Please Don't Go No F note (3fret) before run just the G (5fret) last run needs to be a Bb (3fret) not G (5fret) G----------|---5--3-----------3---------------| D--333-5-|---------6--3--6-----3-----------| A-----------|-----------------------------------| E-----------|-----------------------------------| Them - Gloria I didn't really hear some of the doubled up notes being played at certain times other than that good tab Three Dog Night - One good tab During the high sustained "ONE" lyric the ending run is: G-------------------| D-------------------| A----2-3h--2-3h--| E--------------------| unlike the others: G--------------------------3--------| D-------------------2-3h-----------| A--------------2-3h----------------| E------------------------------------|
  23. @avdocatwork - I'll do some Bass testing for those Here's some Ideas for Xmas songs that haven't been done yet: The Who - Christmas - Tommy - 1969 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9tsTcsr3Xg Queen - Thank God It's Christmas - [single] - 1984 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu3uA8K6ApQ Jefferson Starship - Light the Sky on Fire - Star Wars Holiday Special [single] - 1978 (later released on "Gold" compilation album) (Wookie Christmas... I might end up doing this one 'cause I like it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuqa5U8ZL-o I'm doing this one for Xmas: Chris Squire and Alan White (Yes) - Run with the Fox - [single] 1981 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZqRDCif7Ig I'm doing these for Valentines Day: Touch - Don't You Know What Love Is - Touch - 1980 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c62CVUAgh0A Triumph - Don't Love Anybody Else But Me - The Sport of Kings - 1986 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3in_Dnka9Wo
  24. Added "Never Say Never" Added my own bass version of "If Only"
  25. I mostly do Bass Customs. If you have a request from any of the genres I've done. Let me know, I like to hear it. Done: 220 Volt: Love Is All You Need - LBV Aerosmith: Avant Garden - BBeyond Beautiful - BFly Away From Here - BVGirls of Summer - BVKings and Queens - BLay It Down - BLight Inside - BUnder My Skin - BAsia: After the War - BVCountdown to Zero - BVDays Like These - BVFace on the Bridge - BVFinger on the Trigger - BVGo - BVLove Now Till Eternity - BVObsession - BVRock and Roll Dream - BVSole Survivor - BVSuspicion - BVToo Late - BVUnder the Gun - BVVoice Of America - BVWho Will Stop the Rain? - BVWithout You - BVBalance: (Looking For The) Magic - BBoston: Heaven on Earth - BChris Squire & Alan White: Run with the Fox - BVCrowded House: Don't Dream It's Over - BVI Feel Possessed - BVDream Theater: Another Day - BSurrender to Reason - BDionne Warwick: Deja Vu - BVElton John: Step Into Christmas - BVEloy: A Broken Frame - BAge Of Insanity - BAwakening Of Consciousness - BAwakening / Between the Times - BEscape To The Heights - BFools - BHeartbeat - BVIlluminations - BImpressions - BIn Disguise - BMagic Mirrors - BMirador - BNightriders - BPilot to Paradise - BPoint Of No Return - BPoseidon's Creation - BShadow And Light - BSilhouette - BSphinx - BSurrender - BThe Day Of Crimson Skies - LBVThrough A Somber Galaxy - BTime to Turn - BWaves of Intuition - BEurope: Superstitious - LBVFirehouse: Perfect Lie - BVI Need the Fire - BVForeigner: Face to Face - BVHeart Turns to Stone - BVTooth and Nail - BVThe Four Tops: Still Water (Peace) / Still Water (Love) - BVGo West: One Way Street - BGolden Earring: Enough is Enough - BVHave A Heart - BVGrand Funk Railroad: No Reason Why - B Heart: Desire Walks On - BVIcon: World War - BVIlúvatar: Haze - BSavant - BIQ: Promises (As The Years Go By) - BVNothing At All - BVOut Of Nowhere - BVIt Bites: Kiss Like Judas - BVOld Man And The Angel - BVUnderneath Your Pillow - BVJohn Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band: Heart's on Fire - (Merged & updated with Dark_Seph22 version)John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes (Icon): Kari-Anne - BVJourney: After the Fall - LBVAny Way You Want It - LBVCity of Hope - BV (will be updating with guitar)Edge of the Blade - LBVGirl Can't Help It - LBVI'll Be Alright Without You - LBVIt Could Have Been You - LBVJust the Same Way - LBVSend Her My Love - LBVSuzanne - LBVTopaz - BV (will be updating with guitar)Kansas: Camouflage - BCrowded Isolation - BCurtain of Iron - B Don't Open Your Eyes - BFight Fire With Fire - B (should do guitar on this sometime)Going Through the Motions - BIcarus (Born on Wings of Steel) - BMysteries And Mayhem - BNo Room for a Stranger - BOn the Other Side - BOne Man, One Heart - BThe Pinnacle - BRight Away - BSilhouettes in Disguise - BSparks of the Tempest - BThree Pretenders - BWhat's on My Mind - BWindows - BLoverboy: Queen of the Broken Hearts - BVMagnum: The Great Disaster - BMarillion: That Time of the Night (The Short Straw) - BVMeat Loaf: Getting Away With Murder - BVSpecial Girl - BVMr. Mister: Is It Love - BVNight Ranger: Passion Play - LBLRBV Pat Benatar: Invincible - BVPartners in Kryme: Turtle Power - BV Pendragon: Fly High Fall Far - BVThe Pleasure of Hope - BVTime for a Change (1986 Demo) - BVThe Pretenders: Talk of the Town - BVPrism: Don't Let Him Know - BVRobert Tepper: No Easy Way Out - BRoberta Flack and Donny Hathaway: Where Is the Love - BVRush: Lock and Key - BVSupertramp: Another Man's Woman - BBetter Days - BBloody Well Right - BGone Hollywood - BGoodbye Stranger - Collaborated with BHMath (I did the bass on it ;))My Kind Of Lady - BStarship: The Burn - BVSlade: Far Far Away - BVRadio Wall Of Sound - BVSly & The Family Stone: Hot Fun in the Summertime - BVSurvivor: American Heartbeat - BVBroken Promises - LBVChildren of the Night - LBVEver Since the World Began - LBVFeels Like Love - LBVFirst Night - LBVI'm Not That Man Anymore - LBVIs This Love - LBVMan Against the World - B (should do guitar on this sometime)Oceans - LBVSweet: Action - BVBreakdown - BVBurning - BVCalifornia Nights - BVHard Times - BV(Brian Connolly's Sweet) Let's Go - BVLittle Willy - BVRestless - BVShe Gimme Lovin' - BVSixties Man - BVSolid Gold Brass - BVStrong Love - BVSweet F.A. - BVTeenage Rampage - BVThe Human League: Human - BTodd Rundgren: Can We Still Be Friends? - BVDon't Hurt Yourself - BVHello It's Me - BVJust One Victory - BVLove is the Answer - BV (Listed under his band "Utopia")Real Man - BV The Verb "To Love" - BVToto: Angel Don't Cry - BVPamela - BVTouch: Don't You Know What Love Is - LRBVThe Sweetest Victory - LRB (should update with vocals sometime)Triumph: (see Triumph Discography) U2: Loves Comes Tumbling - BVan Halen: Beautiful Girls - LBVVanilla Ice: Ninja Rap - BVVillage People: Macho Man - BVSex Over the Phone - BVVince DiCola: Theme From Rocky - BWar +Fanfare - BThe Who: Eminence Front - BSister Disco - BY&T: I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know) - LBLRBVYes: Big Generator - BCity of Love - BDoes It Really Happen? - BFly From Here (Full Song) - BHomeworld (The Ladder) - BI Would Have Waited Forever - BIt Can Happen - BLeave It - BLove Will Find A Way - BMake It Easy - BThe Messenger - BOur Song - BParallels - BRhythm Of Love - BShock to the System - BSilent Talking - BSweet Dreams - BZebra: Can't Live Without - BMy Life Has Changed - BNo Tellin' Lies - BTake Your Fingers From My Hair - B\Anime/etc: Aqua: Barbie Girl - BV Beat Crusaders: Moon On The Water - LRBV Kevin Afflack, Jesse Harlin, Renee Wagner, Mike Finkel: I'm Han Solo - BV Masaya Matsuura: Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap - BV Ryan Elder, Jemaine Clement, David Phillips, Dan Harmon: Goodbye Moonmen - LRBV Seikou Nagaoka: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki no Theme - B Shoji Meguro: Heartbeat, Heartbreak - BV Yoko Kanno, Scott Matthew, Tim Jensen: Lithium Flower - B (Should update with guitar) Yoko Kanno, Steve Conte, Shanti Snyder: Living Inside The Shell - BV \Currently working on/ 5 Song AOR/Melotic Rock PACK Some Requests 220 Volt - Money Talks Y&T - Armed and Dangerous Survivor - 2 songs Starship - 2 songs Journey - 2 songs Jefferson Starship - 3 songs Prism - 2 songs Triumph - 3 songs Europe - Stormwind Europe - More Than Meets The Eye Night Ranger - 2 songs Asia - 3 songs Eloy - 3 songs \\||REQUEST LIST||// Other Collabs I did Bass For: Guns n' Roses - Paradise City - TomSawyer2112 Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (1982 version) - Crossbolt242 Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride - avdocatwork (Ubisoft released their own official version, oh well)
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