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  1. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  2. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  3. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  4. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  5. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  6. It's fine. It just seemed you were avoiding to address the easiest of all temporary solutions on purpose. What that purpose might have been eluded me, so I was asking directly. :D
  7. We know this isn't the ideal - Dev time to work on the search functions has kind of tanked, but you can actually already do something - vaguely - like what is being requested already, so long as the CDLC post was tagged as the genre. http://customsforge.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums Look at the second main box there, enter "jazz" in the "find tags" area, select "Submitted CDLC" as the forum to search and you'll get 30 results. True but what about a "Genres" section in the "Workshop" area like @ suggested? Wouldn't that be a good idea or is there some reaso
  8. @ I'm totally on your side as well, if it's any consolation. We should definitely try to make it work.
  9. You resolved an issue for a user in the help forum but didn't explain how.. if you locked the thread would you mind unlocking it and posting the steps to resolve, for the benefit of future readers? Thanks in advance!

    1. Aludog


      I didn't lock the thread (if it is locked) because I'm not a mod and can't do that. Also, your link pretty much answered the question, that's why I didn't post a specific explanation. I can still do that if you want me to.

    2. stickyfox


      Oh word... I didn't realize that was the fix. I guess if someone stumbled on it and clicked the link they'd be set.


      I'm glad there are people here who know how this stuff works because it's not what I'd call intuitive.

  10. I have the bass for Zappa - San Ber'dino finished. There might be one slight error/miss, but it sounds and feels pretty correct. You can have all the original files by email if you want to work with it!

    1. Aludog


      I always encourage others to try and make their own customs when they come to me with tabs. It's not that I don't want to use them but I have other plans atm and I think the more charters there are, the better. You obviously want this done, so I'd say do it yourself and if at any point you need help, I am there to give you advise. If you need any guitar tabs, let me know; I have the song book.

  11. Happy Birthday Aludog!

  12. Thanks a lot for this. I just wanted to mention that setting logos or banners doesn't seems to work, at least for me. Not sure if that's on purpose (to save server space) or if it's an error but I thought this should be addressed. I would really like to set a logo if possible. :D
  13. Much improved. Thanks a ton, guys. Merry christmas.
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