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  1. I've tried downloading it twice. Still no luck.. Its one of few Primus songs I figured I'd ever be able to learn how to play. I'll keep trying. If not sounds like V2 is coming. Hopefully that works for me.
  2. I've tried downloading it twice and restarting my computer, but each time I log into RS it won't show up anywhere in the game. Not in learn a song or score attack. I don't know what to do. This is one of songs I've always wanted to play too. And many thanks to the ones making more Primus songs!
  3. Just says preparing to launch Rocksmith 2014.. I haven't played since March. What is going on? Did I miss something.
  4. Instead of going through all the bands one by one. Is there way I can see whats new for the day, week, etc? If there is. I haven't figured out how to set it up.
  5. I'm having this same issue. It keeps telling me to sign in when I am already signed in. It worked fine on firefox, but I couldn't download songs. I was told to try chrome. Now I am on chrome and I can't even get to the songs.
  6. Its still not working.. Why would this work a month ago and not now?
  7. I use firefox for my browser. I'll try again tomorrow when I get off work. I don't know whats going on. I've downloaded a ton of songs back in Nov, but now it doesn't seem to want to work.
  8. My song list on my computer in the download files will have a little red x next to the song until it completes the download. Then the red x turns into a green check mark. I tried downloading 2 metallica songs and 1 pearl jam song. All 3 songs has thousands of downloads, but none seemed to want to finish downloading for me.
  9. It's been a few months since I've downloaded any songs. I just went on a few minutes ago and I can't get any songs to finish downloading. I tried 3 different songs and waited about 10 minutes on each, but the little red X never turned to a green check mark on any of them. I tried them all one at a time too. Any one else having problems?
  10. Thanks! I will give that a shot. I bought a 6 string frettless to learn some Primus. That is my ultimate goal, but I'll take any songs just to help get the feel down.
  11. Thats awesome that it is being done! Can you provide me a list of some songs that have been made? If there is a way to look them up. I haven't figured it out yet.
  12. I think I am asking that correctly. Can it be done? For all the songs that use a 5 or 6 string bass. Instead of figuring out everything for the 4 string layout. Can you just use one of the guitar layouts instead so the song can be played like it is intended to?
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