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  1. Happy Birthday JacobOwnzU!

  2. Happy Birthday JacobOwnzU!

  3. Unfortunately I don't have that CDLC
  4. Hello Stevorino. For the details about the songs that aren't showing up, You would need to change the Package AppID: https://music1slife.com/download/file.php?id=254 You also need ALL of the songs to be the same in the rocksmith tool kit. Hope this helps!
  5. Hello fellow rockers! I am a huge Rocksmith fan and I was trying to find videos and ways to install custom DLCs to my PS4. Now I am not entirely sure what programs you need to root a PS4 to get the CDLCs to read but I appreciate it if somebody would like to notify me with some intel on how to do this. Anyone's response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ~~Jacob~~
  6. Yes. You can transfer your game data from your directory via flash drive and replace your data text file on your new laptop.
  7. Maybe there's an error inside of the directory. Try a different dlc in the toolkit. I've had this same error before, I just used the old one
  8. The program works just fine for me.
  9. You can convert all Pc cdlc to Mac in the rocksmith toolkit. Need a link? Here ya go: http://www.rscustom.net/
  10. Yes that's what the program does. But okay, if you find the extra dlcs just remove them. I was just offering to help.
  11. If you would like some additional help, I can help via teamviewer. https://www.teamviewer.com/en/
  12. Look up all those file extensions and remove them. It's probably an issue with the program you we're using. I don't use that program anymore. Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
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