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  1. Thank you! I'm going to give it a whirl.... we'll see how it goes :P
  2. Hey friends! I'm working on Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy by Bad Company for a cover band I am in and started practicing it via Rocksmith last week. I noticed (And then confirmed in comments for song) that the BPM is off and eventually makes the track unplayable. Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to adjust this? Would love to practice the song over the holidays :) Thanks to all of you who work on CDLC for us... it has been critical to achieving my dream of learning bass and playing in a band. Thank you! Steve
  3. Hey Friends! I'm nearing completion of my first CDLC (Big shoutout to JamesPrestonUK for the support!). In trying to generate the CDLC file, I'm given an error code that WWise is not installed.... so I went to install WWise (I see that it needs to be 2014 or 2015 edition). When trying to install either version of WWise, I'm given the same error message: Package: Authoring Data Message: Failed to Verify the Package: The has value is not correct. Any ideas how to fix or an alternative to this installation?
  4. Thanks James! I also want to improve my ear training/transcription, so I'm excited for the challenge and inevitable benefits. I'll very likely take you up on the offer to ask questions along the way. Thanks again for all of your customs. I was thinking about this after posting: It'd be amazing to know how many tens of thousands of hours of enjoyment and happiness you've spread through your contributions.... and so few people will ever know you are responsible for it! Thank you from us all!
  5. Hey James! I was downloading some fresh tunes a couple weeks back and realized that you have created a ridiculous amount of the CDLC I have enjoyed on Rocksmith - Thank you! Please know that your work here has spread so much happiness - more than you will ever know or fully get acknowledged for! I'm really interested in doing some customs for live-jam tracks (bass only, like you). I read your guide to making DLC on your blog (super helpful, thank you!). Given that there simply aren't many tabs out there for live jam band tracks, I'm going into this with the assumption that I am going to be creating these from scratch. Would you recommend using GuitarPro still as the first step and transcribing by ear or is there another tool/process you would recommend for getting the initial GuitarPro file put together. Thanks again for all of your hard work and contributions to this community!
  6. Hey All - I searched and couldn't find an answer, hope this isn't horribly redundant. I downloaded per usual some CDLC (Jamiroquai's 'Seven Days in Sunny June" and it isn't showing up in the song list like my hundreds of other CDLCs.... I noticed that it has a (vRS2) in the file name... is this something of significance I need to work with? No problems w/ any other CDLC in my library. Thanks!
  7. Makes sense! Thanks for your work on this website - I really enjoy Rocksmith and this website is a huge part of my enjoyment. Appreciate it!
  8. Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson (Bass Line)
  9. Thanks so much! Just out of curiosity, why are commissions against the rules? Not complaining, just curious (and I plan on following the rule regardless :) )
  10. Hey guys! I love Rocksmith as a tool to learn (and memorize) new songs for my cover band and have run only a few that aren't in the database already (this time 'Thunder Island' by Jay Ferguson, most recently the entire Arctic Monkeys album). Is there a place to request these songs and/or, in rare situations, offer a commission to get one done quickly? Thanks guys!
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