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  1. I have always played from launching from my local installation. Just for kicks, I launched RS from Steam. It shows all my songs. I did not try to play any so I don't know if they are really there or not. If they are, is there any way to get them or is RS on Steam referencing my local drive???
  2. Thank you! That is a good start but it only shows 42 songs> Which is kind of strange. The earliest on the list is 2015 and the latest is 6/14/21. I have downloaded hundreds of songs.
  3. I recently lost a drive with the majority of my CDLC on it. Is there a function in Ignition where I can see what I have downloaded?
  4. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I will continue to support CF through Patreon.
  5. When in Ignition 4 search, I hit the back button on my mouse and got this error.
  6. Hmm, perhaps a new music platform ? https://rocksmith.ubisoft.com/rocksmith/en-us/news/152-361505-16/the-future-of-rocksmith
  7. Very Sad, https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/music/neil-peart-drummer-lyricist-rock-band-rush-dies-67-n1113861?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
  8. I have discovered many news bands and songs from here. I play bass, and JamesPrestonUK makes excellent CDLC's. He comes up with some great choices to chart and has introduced me to a lot of bands and songs I've never heard of. I do like to search for genres, so having tags will be great. However, they will only be as good as the charters choosing the tags, if they choose them at all.
  9. Thanks Unleashed2k for all the hard work. I support very large data transmission platforms so I have some idea of your struggles. Besides my financial support, if you're in need of testers or something like that. Shoot me a PM. Keep up the fight.
  10. Well the gremlins are at work. Without doing anything on my part, other than coming here and reading your responses, today when I click on the Go To The Record Page, only 1 tab opens. Hmmm, strange.
  11. As the title says, recently when I click on a song in CDLC SEARCH and then click on Go To The Record Page, two tabs will open in my browser instead of just one. One tab is the CDLC and the other tab is blank. I'm using the latest version of Firefox which was just updated today but it's been doing it for a few weeks. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this.
  12. OK, all you arm chair lawyers, or maybe even a real one, The sentence in the rules that says 'You agree that by signing up and using this site that you have acquired the legal rights to the songs in the CDLC that you upload or download.' Does this mean we are being held liable for the use of these CDLC's ? I'm just curious. Thanks.
  13. Sure, I'll just cut and paste them. 1. I was having a hard time trying to follow along the layout so eventually I putted it away. I would think it should read, so I put it away. Not I putted it away. This was part of his response to your first question. Putted is the past tense of Putt. Putt as in putt a golf ball. There is no past tense for put. 2. Your question What would you say differentiates you form other RS streamers? Form should be from. Hope that helps, but like I said, I really enjoy reading it.
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