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  1. I am able to enable/disable songs from both base packages (RS 2014 and RS1) and also RS 2014 ODLC without trouble. When I try to disable one or more RS1 ODLC in CFSM the log shows an error line related to the rs1combatibilitydlc.psarc file, this file becomes quarantined, and none of the RS1 DLC appear in the RS2014.game. I don't know if this is related or not, but any RS1 ODLC removed by using the manager on the steam web site is removed from the RS1 game but not from RS 2014.,
  2. Solved - Taking Cozy1's suggestion from a different thread, I determined that one of my ODLC was corrupt. Removing the corrupt version and reinstalling a fresh version from steam solved the problem.
  3. Regarding the fatal error message. I insured that both the .rar file and the install file were unblocked before executing.
  4. I just installed the newest version available on the web site (Version PC Build). I am getting the same error message as described above posted by the moderator on 15 July 2018.. This occurs when I focus on the Song Manager tab but the other tabs work properly.. When I select the tab the procedure counts all of the songs in the DLC folder, and begins to load files from the CFSM folder in my documents directory (Windows 10) before it stalls and produces the referenced message. I tried turning off Windows Defender and Malwarebytes without effect. Here is a second message that appears after I click "yes" to proceed. There is an error in XML document (1, 539140), inner ',', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 1, position 539140. CFSM will now shut down.
  5. Thanks, I guess I was confused by the content of the red banner at the top of this page "Grab Beta" I'll let it update.
  6. When I open an installed copy of CFSM Beta ( the program displays to the monitor, but the CFSM installer activates and asks to install CFSM. I cancel and move on, and it doesn't seem to cause problems. The program is set up to run in "administrator" mode, and I am set up as an "Elevated" Administrator in Windows 7 Home Premium. I have only used it to build song sets from CDCL, DCL, RS1 DCL, and the songs that are embedded in RS2012, and RS2014.
  7. With the release of CFSM does this warning still apply? DO NOT USE CFSM SongPacks Editor with RS2016 Remastered ... original song pack files could be damaged
  8. Works great! Added one song through the toolkit, constructing from EOF derived xml, etc. Added two more by dragging psarc files onto the remastered.exe icon, actually to a shortcut on my desktop. All worked flawlessly. No trouble with play count.
  9. There has been a lot of good discussion here http://customsforge.com/topic/33172-remastered-messed-up-scoring/page-10?do=findComment&comment=233138, and a new patch has been generated that seems to work very well, although perhaps imperfectly. What you have observed is what I observed when I used the Custom Game Toolkit to reset mastery scores to zero. Soon after that we were advised not to use the the CGT because the code changes in Remastered made the CGT nonfunctional. I suspect that the same thing may apply to the Song Manager. If you use rstoolkit- to prepare your CDLC (I went back to the EOF files, rather than importing a psarc), give the song a new version number, answer yes to the question about changing the application ID, delete your original CDLC from the DLC folder in the Rocksmith 2014 folder, and replace it with the new CDLC, you should not have any trouble. Remastered has am embedded song manager. Caution, once you start the game, you will have to create a new "bug free" profile, so for the time being your old profile(s) will not be available, but this is only until the pro's figure out how to fix everything that has been changed (I'm told this may take a while). But do go ahead with putting your CDLC back, I find it's working very well.
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