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  1. I would love for you to apply, once we have a team going any input that you learned could definitely help us! https://forms.gle/8qypbrbPVdgUpuba7
  2. We have a few things coming up in the future and a few things to announce. First, I'd like to announce that we have relaunched our merch store. It is available in 7 regions on Amazon and also on Redbubble. Additionally, Redbubble offers magnets and stickers. We set our revenue to the lowest as we want to bring these to you for the cheapest prices possible. If you're interested in buying some merch visit our new merch store - https://customsforge.com/merch/. We have a new 2021 design being worked on by the creator of our CustomsForge Metal shirt (mattatttaq). We hope to see some user
  3. Please check the announcements on ignition4, it literally tells you to clear the cache to fix this issue. It looks clean, and these are already preloaded on every load because of the modal.
  4. 12/6/2020-2/7/2021 Changelog - Adjusted login method - Multiple Authentication Fixes - Multiple hotfixes to resolve security & design issues - Fix multiple sort issues - Various Admin backend changes - CFSM & EOF Website Updates - Updated Bootstrap to latest version - Various backend asset updates - Notification fixes - Improvement on Reports - Show report reason to creator - Comment profile link fixed - Updated footer - Other various changes
  5. I have posted information about this here:
  6. Hey all, As you can see there are large performance issues with the website. I'm fully aware as I get messaged about it from every source possible. With a full time job and as the only sysadmin this falls under as something only I can fix at the moment. I'm having a hard time narrowing the issue down as when the time outs start, there is no backend errors or severe load issues. The other issue is when prime-time (most users on the site) happens I'm usually asleep due to that I work night shift which makes it harder for me to see the issue. I understand everyone's frustrations,
  7. Closing thread as we discussed this on discord.
  8. It'll be fixed soon. I ran into an issue. We're still looking into reimplementing it.
  9. Part 2 has been completed. We'll continue to monitor for problems. Additionally the downloads above have been fixed.
  10. Happy Holidays! I've migrated our website back to our old server as the new one was only temporary. There may be issues that come up but for right now our two websites editoronfire.com and cfmanager.com are down right now. I've attached the latest Editor On Fire files (Main file + HOTFIX) and CFSM Setup. These websites will be back up soon but I'll keep these files here if you require them. There is further maintenance to happen tomorrow but for now everything should be okay. Regards, Unleashed2k CFSMSetup.rar eof hotfix (9-26-2020_3).zip eof1.8RC12.zip
  11. For those with 500 errors, can you try now?
  12. What is your resolution? 3840 x 2160? The bold issue is being worked on.
  13. 12/5/2020 Changelog *NEW FEATURE* - You can now click the song title to open the record page in a new window. - Fixed 419/livewire errors that caused you not to be able to add a song to preferred or like a song. - Changed our alert system to show the alerts top right - Disabled Sort by Version - Various datatables fixes including sort by artist now fixed. - Various sort issues fixed - Click to Search Year
  14. Known bug but I've released a temp fix that should allow this to work again.
  15. Can you try now and confirm it works for you?
  16. 11/29/2020 - 12/4/2020 Changelog - Adjusted settings and sorting issues - Fix forum link - Hide empty values on record page/modal - Leading 0's are now removed - Added ability to install Ignition4 on your PC & Phone - Music Video URL is no longer required - Updated year picker, no longer forced to use it.
  17. 11/28/2020 (pt2) Changelog - Added Year Column - Multiple Year & Duration changes
  18. 11/25/2020 - 11/28/2020 Changelog - Login system has been revamped to prevent OAuth error - Filter by Arrangement has been fixed - Prefer Mac has been fixed - Added some fixes to Discussion area for Reports - Fixed tuning as it should now show the lead tuning - Fixed a disabled/enabled notification - Use Mac Link as Preferred added - Multiple fixes/changes for submit youtube link in creators / song preview - Ability to embed Dailymotion and Vimeo videos - Added ability to add preferred artists from your uploaded CDLC area - Fixed various URLs that broke due to login method change - Other f
  19. We've released a patch to fix this issue.
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