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  1. So sorry for your loss fella I can relate to what what you are going through, my wife, soulmate and partner in crime of 30 years lost her battle with cancer a few weeks ago, hence my absence from the site over christmas and into the new year, been a tough few months I can tell you. Parents are so underrated, we take them for granted yet owe them so much, we inherit so many traits (some good some not so much) from them, as you have said yourself they were and will always be proud of what you have accomplished here and in the other aspects of your life. You are always going to have the memories of your time with them, the fond ones from yesteryear will soon be front and centre buddy. Hang in there, with time loss will get easier I tell myself that often to try and will it to be so
  2. The ONLY reason why anyone would have a non remastered version would be down to not having a legit version as it hasn't been updated, steam updates all its games unless disabled (right click on rocksmith in the steam library list on the right, go to properties then auto updates and enable it) If on the other hand you have a pirated version then do the following .... Buy the LEGIT version of the game and then the .dll will work for you. That is all the help you are getting on this matter. :)
  3. This has so been covered in the past on here To name just a couple of problems with what you want to do is as follows you will never be able to keep track of any updates that the creator does to the cdlc.You are not able to provide feedback to it either (report issues/constructive feedback) To be fair to the magna charter that created it He/She will have put in many hours learning how to create them in the first place, then dedicated; in some cases dozens of hours of their own time to create each and every one of these for us. So my question to you is ; is it really that much of a chore to download them one at a time?
  4. FYI Had this as an email from them yesterday
  5. Thanks for the work Guys n Gals very much appreciated.
  6. Tested again a few times over the last few days from different pc's and now today it is working again :)
  7. I shall test it again from another pc when I get home(at work now) thanks for testing it peeps Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  8. Since the update i have noticed a bug using the *find more* from links. To reproduce it , click on a title to get the pop up info , then try using one of the keyword links , artist, album name, track name, creator, it no longer seems to be able to find anything . I have cleared my cache many times but it does not seem to help any . I am using/tested it in Chrome (Latest) and Firefox (also latest revision) and Edge all just result in the waiting loading animation Can anyone else confirm that this is not an issue my end please ?
  9. Thanks guys I had a look at the import function of guitar pro 6 and 7 as i bought the latest version (never really used them though) and it has the option to import ascii but the formatting cant be correct as i can't import it. I will take a look at the help files and have a go at charting it by hand :)
  10. I was just looking at a way to convert a text based tab to gp5 , i just tried the link in the tutorials section for the online converter but that link doesn't work , it just takes you to a youtube channel. Can anyone recommend another as i would love to be able to make this song as the bass line is awesome but have no idea how to convert it to a usable tab to import. To a noob like myself the tab looks ok then then i could be completely wrong lol.
  11. The latest update ffor rocksmith gives you the option to not use a realtone cable so you dont need all the patches you speak off, that is unless you are using a hooky version of rocksmith 2014. If that is the case dont be such a tight ass and put your hand in your pocket and buy it as you will go no help with hooky versions here! If that isnt the case then just ensure you have the latest .dll as found on here and place it in the game dir (not the dlc folder) and remove the rest of the crap you are using, Steam should have updated it to the remastered edition that removes the need for a realtone cable and gives you the option to swap it for a microphone instead.
  12. Bluetac

    AVG Detects Virus?

    Thank you @@cozy1 Works perfect now, no AV or smartscreen filter fits Downloads fine now and installed with no errors, I have downloaded it on all my browsers to test it for you. Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 (64-bit) Firefox Version 54.0.1 (64-bit) Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 Antivirus Eset Endpoint Version 6.5.2094.0 Many thanks for re visiting this and finding a fix :plus1:
  13. Bluetac

    AVG Detects Virus?

    This happens on every browser i have installed too .
  14. Two more shows to add to our list Life Of Agony 22nd September 02 institute B/ham uk Marilyn Manson 6th December Wolverhampton Civic uk A proper full year for us Edit Just booked for Stone Sour Wolverhapton Civic 29th November
  15. Easiest way to flag this one would be post a comment in the cdlc thread (if you haven't done so already) this might prompt someone that has downloaded it to upload it to their own drop box/google drive or similar for you . Posting it in here may not be as fruitful
  16. Ah I didn't know that , I know as and when dlc's come up that I have as cdlcs I buy them . Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  17. Mainly use Songster for tabs or guitartabs.cc
  18. Depends on the mood your in at the time i think, i listen to all of them, including other ;)
  19. Post a comment in each one you come across that way if anyone still has them they could share them.
  20. After thinking it was going to be a quite year i have looked at what we have booked and was ......well ...wrong ha ha 21st May Iron maiden on the Birmingham 17th June Guns N' Roses in london 6th July Linkin Park Birmingham 30 October Metallica Birmingham 14th November Alice Cooper That will do for now :)
  21. Ask in the individual pages as the creator or one of people that has downloaded it may re share it/them for you. there is also a report button (bottom right of the original post) that you can use to let the mods know that there is an issue with it.
  22. Thanks Mark This is what we have now , we don't see Home (not sure we ever did) but forums in back so thats good enough for me mate http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah142/Doug_N_Shaz_Brooks/ignition_zpsxwguwtvj.png
  23. This is what i see at the moment :huh: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah142/Doug_N_Shaz_Brooks/Capture_zpsgfqbecwb.png
  24. Ah i didnt know that , i just checked and sure enough i did have it installed i just didn't have it pinned. I hadn't launched it in ages since the tool kit converts it for us, i just assumed it was included as it was in the folder :)
  25. another + 1 here too. I have another request if at all possible Pretty please the adverts below the pinned topics on every thread on the forums. i see the same adverts at the top of the page , then part way down below the pinned topic of the sub forums then again at the bottom of the page ..........., there really should be a way of disabling them even if only for donors (even timed a rank) without us having to use adblockers :)
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