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  1. SlyG

    AVG Detects Virus?

    Update... AVG tested the CFSM setup exe file and emailed me that is was infected with a virus. IDK what to believe anymore.
  2. Paid version of AVG. I asked the to elaborate of what the virus was but I have not heard back yet.
  3. I submitted the CFSM.setup.exe to an AV publisher and it was positive for a vurus. Additionally, i have popups on your site displaying a trojan virus.
  4. SlyG

    AVG Detects Virus?

    Installed CFSM and AVG instantly returned a virus detection and deleted the exe file. Anyone else had this issue?
  5. I did find a GP5 export function in GP6. I also DL'd Allegro 5 today but it's not backward compatible. What version did you use?
  6. I'm new to CDLC. I would prefer to start spending my gaming time on CDLC creation. Let me start but saying EoF is awesome. To say the least as a total novice I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with EoF and figuring out how to use it. I have a few questions. What language and application is EoF coded in? I would like to help the developer create a more user friendly UI. I have DL'd the source code but I have not used this language before. Can EoF be updated to use GP6 tabs?Playing pointless shooter games and the like is getting very old. I'd rather send all that time doing something creative that other can enjoy as well. All software and music I have are legally licensed for what it's worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sly
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