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  1. I have fixed it now, I removed the inlays from the folder and then remade them from the templates with their original names and all seems to be working properly now, thankfully my save isn't corrupted. Thanks Cozy1 - for helping and making the toolkit in the first place.
  2. I got myself a few new custom inlays the other day and extracted them through the custom toolkit. I think the problem was that I had the inlay fret_notes_inverted already equipped and I had downloaded a different version of inverted fret notes but when I went to extract it I got the message to you want to overwrite existing so I hit no, renamed the old one in folder to Ver2 and then extracted the new one as fret_notes_inverted. Probably because it was equipped in game when I did this (game wasn't running at the time though) when I go the the custom inlay menu now I can scroll down to fret_notes_inverted but it doesn't let me scroll any further past that, I can see some of my new inlays below fret_notes_inverted but I cannot get to them, all the inlays up to and including fret_notes_inverted work and are selectable (now that I put the original fret_notes_inverted back to the original name in the folder) but I cannot get any inlays past F. I have tried removing the custom inlays from the folder and there is still one called fret_notes_inverted that doesn't let me scroll past it in game menu even when my custom inlay folder is empty! I also did the steam verify integrity of game and that has not fixed it either, any ideas how to fix?
  3. I am having the same problem with Windows 10 Defender, tried to download the beta version but browser instablocked it. Is the previous version kicking about anywhere?
  4. After spending the last couple of months trying every possible solution I can find to improve audio quality, I am now suspecting it was the cable all along, which explains why it keeps reoccurring when I think it was fixed. Waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail, gonna feel pretty dumb if I pulled PC apart and clean installed Windows when it was just the cable but in my defence it sounds completely different to when a regular guitar to amp cable breaks.
  5. Not sure if this is right place to post this but.... The Staind songs Mudshovel, See thru, Come again, Raw are no longer hosted by the filehosting site, please reupload if possible. Thanks.
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