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  1. Awesome! Two bugs down. Also, I like the idea that only the song title opens the overlay/song page. I'll look into that. Keep in mind, that this will be in the current dev version, so it'll be a feature that's released with the big new version.
  2. Actually, this is the first time I'm hearing about this (make sure to use our Tracker to report any bugs you find). Have you tried clearing your cookies? I fixed a bug today in Ignition that I think affected you. Can you try now and tell me if you get results on the first page load?
  3. We haven't changed any URLs recently, so I'm not sure about your homescreen link. Check which URL it uses. search.customsforge.com links to the old Search ignition.customsforge.com links to Ignition We did indeed test Ignition on mobile devices and while it is still in Beta there's a lot of mobile optimization already in there. Tap on the magnifying glass to display the search box and the reset button. It sounds like you're having an entirely different issue with songs not being listed when you first load the page. Please try clearing your cookies and/or accessing Ignition in a private
  4. Actually, this is the first time I'm hearing about this (make sure to use our Tracker to report any bugs you find). Have you tried clearing your cookies?
  5. OK, after so many people having problems with the updated entries being bold I'm pretty sure there's some bug in there still. Let me investigate and try to fix that. That feature, however, is still very much there and will stay because we all love it. As for the colors, I can only ask for your patience again and again. We're a very small team who all have personal lives and development takes time because we want to make sure we do it right the first time and not risk losing any user-created data. This doesn't apply to the CSS (the colors, if you will), of course, but that's part of a bigger
  6. I second this suggestion. Knowing the number of difficulty levels is important to beginners. What kind of filter would you like to use for this column? I think a dropdown box with values from 1 through 10 might be a good solution but I'd like to hear what you think first. Do you have any "threshold" value that we should add, like "more than 5" and "fewer than 5"?
  7. Sorry I took so long to respond. We're using Intro.js for the Help feature. It pretty much works right out of the box so all we did was skin it. If you're planning to implement something similar I can only recommend Intro.js.
  8. Version numbers are available on the search site using your Search Settings. Just click the appropriate checkbox to show/hide columns.
  9. Today is the birthday of CustomsForge founder Unleashed2k and he deserves a big fat cake for everything he's done for this community! Happy birthday, Unleashed2k! http://www.colourbox.com/preview/3823826-174629-big-vector-illustration-of-birthday-cake-with-burning-candles.jpg Make sure you leave your birthday congratulations below!
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