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  1. Hm, I can't get it to convert "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. (Mac) There are lots of tabs out there for this legendary song, but none of them match what's in RS2014. If someone's got it (maybe a Windows user?), do you mind sharing it with me? Just PM me. Thanks in advance.
  2. The script to uninstall Mono is hiding at the bottom of this page: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/supported-platforms/osx/
  3. Very minor bug report: It feels like there's some kind of lag, inaccuracy, or loss of focus when I mouse over the Next or Prev page buttons. It won't always highlight, sometimes only highlights after a click in empty space. Possibly more likely after opening the per-song drop-down menu (Add to Collection, etc.). Specs: OS X 10.10.1; Chrome 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit) (current as of 12/28/14) Just a little thing, but figured I'd mention it.
  4. Talk about an awesome update - loving it so far. Would you consider adding the "Album Title" column to the ones we can choose to hide? The main reason I ask is because I typically don't care what album the song came from - I'm here for the songs! Thanks for considering and thanks for all the hard work.
  5. Sorry, not re-replying just for the sake of a bump. Part of the reason I worked on this was because the native Mac version isn't that simple to install. You can't use the latest Mono (3.8.0) - at least I couldn't - you have to track down 3.4.0. Uninstalling Mono is not a point-and-click operation. And then you get to install X11. Anyway, I'd really be grateful if someone would try this out for me. It works well for non-professionals like me. It can do: platform conversion (i.e. PC to Mac)Dynamic Difficulty Creation (DDC)Pack & Unpack .psarc filesI can't (yet) get the Create tab working - throws an obscure Windows file error. So if you're like me and simply want to adjust the volume levels in a song, you have to track down the unpacked .json files, manually adjust the XML, and repack the song. It's not so bad, once you know where to look. Again - here's the link if you've got a little bit of spare time. I'd really appreciate it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbq8y9t0k2gc3ys/RSTK%20Wineskin.zip?dl=0 -Dito
  6. Well, sure, I could have just used the Mono version, but that's no fun. I like nerd challenges. What can I say? The time I spent doesn't really matter. I would have just spent it on a different nerd challenge. I keep seeing threads about people having problems running the tools on Mac, so I thought I'd throw in a little bit of effort. Ah well.
  7. Hey all fellow Mac users and aspiring guitarists! I've gotten the PC version of the CDLC toolkit running on OSX by using Wineskin to package it. It's now essentially a native OSX app, but without all the headaches of installing Mono, X11, and whatever else. I've only used it to convert CDLC from PC to Mac versions, and that definitely works. I'm not sure what else I can add or test, since most of the tools to create CDLC are absolutely PC-only. I would greatly appreciate other Mac users giving it a try. I've never done this before, and it's taken a lot of trial and error to get this far. You can download it from my Dropbox to check it out. I won't be offended by reports of bugs, crashes, etc. It shouldn't destroy your system (AFAIK). The only bad news is the size. Unzipped, the app weighs in at about 1.3GB. I suppose that's what happens when you have to stuff all that Windows junk into a single package. Regardless, it's still faster and easier than launching Parallels just to convert some songs. So, please - give it a try and report back with any feedback. If it's a fiasco, we'll just pretend this never happened, okay? :huh: -Dito
  8. Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky - 9's. Why? Because EB is a sponsor in Rocksmith, I broke a string, and it's what the guy a the guy at Guitar Center recommended. I'm a rank and disgusting newbie, so I should definitely be buying cheaper strings. I don't break 'em because I'm rocking out so hard - I break 'em fooling around with the tuning and action on my guitar. :???:
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