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  1. Happy Birthday Soilman!

  2. Happy Birthday Soilman!

  3. There's a couple Winery Dogs songs to get everyone rockin'

  4. Rock ' N ' F ' N ' Roll !!!

  5. what you thinking of? i could be if need...... 'Breakdown' is the one I'm after. Love that song. Looks like there is a GP file for it. Kudos if you can find the time. looks like you're in luck.........just uploaded it for ya. i know it doesn't show the DD bar at the top, but it has difficulties. I will try fix it for an update at some point aswell as decrease volume of clean guitar etc. but for now......enjoy
  6. what you thinking of? i could be if need......
  7. no.5 ? i must be getting lazy...... I remember the days when i was no.1 on Smithy & kept checking to make sure others didn't overtake. now i couldn't care less, as long as there is plenty of quality cdlc for everyone to choose from i'm happy
  8. looks and works amazing, great work to all involved & a very merry xmas to all :)
  9. C'mon guys we need to finish this discography of customs. I'm doing another from Use Your Illusions 1 :) should be online by the end of the week
  10. A new GNR custom in the works, should be online tonight or tmoz :)
  11. @@ZagatoZee I'd have said try completing it with DD and tones, then you can call it your own. Or could still mention about not knowing the original author on the authors notes at the bottom of a custom post, but either way if you've spent time and effort to get it to work.........upload it where loads of others can appreciate what you have done. I'm having a little break from making customs but if this song isn't done when I'm fully back into making customs again, I'll def. give it a go.
  12. another offspring song should be online tonight. 14 offspring songs haha

  13. Another offspring song tomorrow......

    1. Liquidlizard


      Any chance of doing 'Bad Habit' soon?

  14. Half way through making another Offspring classic from their latest album.........

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