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  1. There's a couple Winery Dogs songs to get everyone rockin'

  2. Rock ' N ' F ' N ' Roll !!!

  3. what you thinking of? i could be if need...... 'Breakdown' is the one I'm after. Love that song. Looks like there is a GP file for it. Kudos if you can find the time. looks like you're in luck.........just uploaded it for ya. i know it doesn't show the DD bar at the top, but it has difficulties. I will try fix it for an update at some point aswell as decrease volume of clean guitar etc. but for now......enjoy
  4. what you thinking of? i could be if need......
  5. no.5 ? i must be getting lazy...... I remember the days when i was no.1 on Smithy & kept checking to make sure others didn't overtake. now i couldn't care less, as long as there is plenty of quality cdlc for everyone to choose from i'm happy
  6. looks and works amazing, great work to all involved & a very merry xmas to all :)
  7. C'mon guys we need to finish this discography of customs. I'm doing another from Use Your Illusions 1 :) should be online by the end of the week
  8. A new GNR custom in the works, should be online tonight or tmoz :)
  9. @@ZagatoZee I'd have said try completing it with DD and tones, then you can call it your own. Or could still mention about not knowing the original author on the authors notes at the bottom of a custom post, but either way if you've spent time and effort to get it to work.........upload it where loads of others can appreciate what you have done. I'm having a little break from making customs but if this song isn't done when I'm fully back into making customs again, I'll def. give it a go.
  10. another offspring song should be online tonight. 14 offspring songs haha

  11. Another offspring song tomorrow......

    1. Liquidlizard


      Any chance of doing 'Bad Habit' soon?

  12. Half way through making another Offspring classic from their latest album.........

  13. @@Capk i do agree in a way, but i don't download customs to impress people with a large list of songs. i only download what songs i play and keep what i enjoy playing, i don't have a large list of songs i don't play (other than the official & dlc). i agree maybe my customs aren't 100% finished but they are more than good enough for me, for the effort that goes into each one. i manually make difficulties, even for bass, but barely use the difficulties and am yet to even try the bass function of rocksmith. At the moment i am already spending too much time making customs, tones and small changes can be easily done by anyone who wants to spend the time perfecting customs. I unfortunately am not one of them. If you feel my work isn't up to standard, simple, dont download my songs. I have hundreds of others atleast that enjoy my customs whether they are perfect or not. sorry to rant, dont mean to come across ungrateful or anything. i feel we need to recruit perfectionists from this forum to help people like me perfect songs. Would that not solve all issues?
  14. @@Capk I somewhat agree from where you are coming from, and if was getting paid for these customs or had more time i would perfect them 100%. As i am doing these alone with no help, and as rocksmith is meant as a way to learn guitar (not have it sound 100% correct) i feel i am still providing a very useful service. basically, i could not upload any songs for the next year or so and work on perfecting each old custom, or carry on as i am making customs so i have more variety to play. I see where you are coming from, but with minimal training and only myself to rely on, i think i have done quite well. I don't mind if the guitar doesn't sound 100% correct, atleast i can still learn the song for when i play it on a real amp. I also keep time signatures from gp tab, i know notes aren't always perfectly aligned but DDC still works perfect for me. if anyone wants to help me perfect my customs by improving tones, note layouts etc it would be great. haven't had anyone offer it yet so i will carry on as i am. If its a problem maybe i just dont upload my songs? I don't mind, i mainly make them for myself anyway.@@Capk
  15. I'm afraid not man, maybe after this one. Making Love, Cheap Heartbreaker, Broken Backed, Nasty Ballbreaker; Stay out of my bed, out of my head, If It's loving you, I'm better off dead.
  16. just started on another GNR classic from Use Your Illusion I :)
  17. quick update, Knockin' is going well. May even be online tomorrow if all goes to plan. Tones won't be amazing on the first version I will admit but t'll still be incredible to play :)
  18. looks amazing, i'm going to favorite it so I know what song to try next. Dont worry, you know what one I'm trying next :)
  19. you should mark off which ones have been made as customs, so people like me can easily find which customs to work on next :)
  20. nearly finished another GNR classic

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    2. Soilman


      It would be a great song to have on here, but would take some time to make. I will add it to my list but no promises

    3. ZagatoZee


      I have a few GP tab files of Civil war if you want them as a base to work from.

    4. Soilman


      I have access to plenty of tabs thanks, its more time i need :)

  21. mine can be found here https://mega.co.nz/#F!stZCWIZZ!BNxEIFP-qTuni0D0iTyqkQ
  22. I do love my ozzy, been thinking about some Dio aswell, I will see what tabs I can get for your requests and see what I can do with some of them thanks :)
  23. Customs are online guys, again with much thanks to hdnsmbt for working with me to get them online.
  24. For all those wanting to download my customs before they get onto the database, check out my mega site link on the first post. I'm eventually getting round to uploading all the old ones.........
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