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  1. Would the sync export data from Go-Play Along do the trick then? I know it isn't "free" but is potentially a nice and "easy" option. The exports from there have an xml for sync, the gp file and audio file in one export folder. Happy to share a few if you'd like them for testing. As for the 5/7 string addition - NICE. If I can make a suggestion from a users point of view, could it be possible to have an option for the "extra" string be added above the low E, rather than changing the color of the high e? I often use the ER mode we hacked into Rocksmith, we change the color of the low E, as (for me at least) it is easier to transition between 4 and 5, or 6 and 7 strings, if the EADGBe are always the same colors - the only change being the low B etc being added when necessary. I know if using something akin to the RS file format, that isn't super simple, given the way they name strings - But, felt it worth asking about. Loving the way this is looking!
  2. Share the file and if/when we are able to make it so, we can just copy/paste it all.
  3. One of the things some of us are working on, is a way to fix all those custom tuning definitions without modifying the psarc files, if you have a list of the settings you've accumulated to remove as many of them as possible, please share it with me and if/when we manage to work out how to fix them the way we'd like, I'll make sure as many as we have defined are included.
  4. The custom tuning label removal shared a while ago - was intended only for the tunings used in oDLC up to that time. It wasn't set for the Varied 5/6 string bass chart options, or all of the variable crazy thin stringed options.
  5. I sincerely hope we haven't actually lost anyone from all of this global crap atm. Your post triggered a notice to the site admins, I just thought you might like to read this. It was posted in several reddit groups by "TraitorsG8", aka SeanMo, aka LaceyB on the 18th of April.
  6. This is by far the nicest looking, most polished of the dozen or so RS like clones I have seen recently. Are there any plans to include the biggest shortfalls of RS from early on - that is 5 string bass or 7 string guitar?
  7. Weird, try this ; https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvYwHVKnDAP7lKcptqcI_w7VN3jGxA?e=IGMiO6
  8. Does the CGT know what the default values are for string colours? Asking since my strings are modified from the Proof of concept builds, and applying your changes via the toolkit, doesn't correct the issues the POC builds had, can I use CGT to revert those changes easily, or will I have to do that manually, then run your tool?
  9. Had someone report today that the bend notifications on my files above are using the "old colours" not the modified ones.
  10. Files for these rounds of mods are i this link - https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvYwHVKnDAP7lKc8hX4WvWF2xqEHEA- the base folder are the generated by the tool, the ones I used - and created manually in PS - are included in the sub folder.
  11. I've added my own ER mode files to my existing mods folder; https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvYwHVKnDAP7jekwDmwM8AqjlIQAaA there is a folder with files to replace custom tuning only, and another folder with custom tuning removal and Colorblind mode hijack instructions. I'll eventually get around to sharing the ready to save .psarc files, just as soon as I can find some vanilla, unmodified in other ways, files :-)
  12. Just tried with editing again, using v1.2 of the string change tool - tuning pegs still broken for me in regular and colorblind mode. Miss indicators are correct however! The gradient map is way too light too. This is seriously useable however. Great work!
  13. What an hilariously back asswards way of doing things. 8 "identical" gradient files with 2 different names in multiple locations and a totally separate text based identifier for other elements....
  14. Both of those have been modded.
  15. For some reason, with my modded files, I'm getting the single note "miss" or "hit" indicators as the "original" string colours, not my altered ones. Any pointers on which file I've forgotten to change that would likely be the cause of this? eg;
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