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  1. ZagatoZee's post in Help with CDLC was marked as the answer   
    They can be worth importing into the toolkit (not cfsm) and re-creating a package, sometimes doing that can fix quarantine issues - chances are the creator is dormant - but yes, definitely try posting in the thread asking the creator to make a new package with the updated toolkit.
  2. ZagatoZee's post in 100% bug fix was marked as the answer   
  3. ZagatoZee's post in Rocksmith Remastered Fix was marked as the answer   
    you'll need to unzip the file before placing it in your rocksmith folder
  4. ZagatoZee's post in I'm doing something stupid was marked as the answer   
    Thanks - Firekorn pointed out my error - was trying to use the same XML for lead and rhythm, copied the xml and it had no issues when trying to create the package.
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