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  1. Happy Birthday UKLooney!

  2. Your job is fucking amazing! thanks!

  3. OK. Done first pass at 'The Will of One' by 'The Protomen' (PC Version). The tabs seem pretty good. Could peeps give it a try and tell me where I went wrong with the tones... :unsure: Pretty fun lead arrangement. A bit tricky, esp. for a bassist. Rhythm is easy to play (mostly). PS Does anyone fancy doing the lyrics for me? :wub:
  4. Cool. I'll join in and do all the Protomen GP tabs. :)
  5. There seems to be a few dozen decent looking GP tabs for Machinae Supremacy. Maybe there should be an effort from the community to get a few songs charted from the bands that will be there... The Protomen Powerglove The Megas
  6. Doesn't work here if I restart song... DD is work of the devil ;)
  7. So I can use a paid for sendspace account?
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