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  1. Your job is fucking amazing! thanks!

  2. Hi, just gave the bass arrangement a try. The tone and volume are great. The arrangement seems fine too, but it goes steadily out of sync as the song progresses. It looks like you haven't done the beat map correctly, as the notes don't seem to align with the beat markers. Maybe things got a bit out of place when you where editing the markers, this can happen easily if you are not careful with the mouse. I think bpm is wrong, should be around 68/69ish mostly. When setting up the beat in EoF, try switching on the 'metronome' by pressing the 'M' key when playing back the track. This should be i
  3. Great stuff, very informative. Thanks for spending the time on this. One thing you might like to add. If you are creating the main audio from a quality source (wav/flac), then is is much better to add the 4000/5000ms silence using Audacity/similar, then directly convert this file to .wem using WWise at the higher quality setting. This skips a couple of unneeded encoding/decoding steps in EoF and maintains quality. EoF should not have been involved at all in either of the .wem creation processes.
  4. Thanks. Tones are a lot better. :) I've now added the new tones and vocals, and submitted the chart for further scrutiny. http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/the-will-of-one-r11136
  5. Cheers mate, so far... Haven't got the bridge as of yet, it's in the post, as this was a late change to the plan. Don't really wanna start installing the rest of the hardware till I've got the posts in proper. There are some mods to the midi kit I need to do in the meantime, along with some pot/switch pre-wiring. Hopefully I can get it all done at the weekend. Didn't cost too much to pull together. I picked up most hardware off fleabay/forums and the like over the last 6 months or so. Got the manson pickup and tuners for a great deal, and picked up the fernendes whilst in the US for a tax
  6. Wow, fantastic job. :wub: Seeing your pics got me to get my finger out, and get to finishing off my project guitar. This is actually a 21st birthday present for my son, and the date is near approaching (he is daft on Muse, and a pretty decent guitarist). Some specs are/will be:- MBK-2 bridge pup FSK401 neck pup/sustainer Amptone Labs XY midi controller Gotoh/Wilkinson VS100 tremolo :o Gotoh SGS 510Z HAPM machine heads Couple of pics of all the bits I looked out tonight. I plan to pull it together shortly. http://i.imgur.com/utwz4c2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DTnxqae.jpg
  7. Done first pass at 'The Will of One' by 'The Protomen' (PC Version). The tabs seemed pretty good. Pretty fun lead arrangement. A bit tricky, esp. for a bassist. Rhythm is easy to play (mostly).
  8. OK. Done first pass at 'The Will of One' by 'The Protomen' (PC Version). The tabs seem pretty good. Could peeps give it a try and tell me where I went wrong with the tones... :unsure: Pretty fun lead arrangement. A bit tricky, esp. for a bassist. Rhythm is easy to play (mostly). PS Does anyone fancy doing the lyrics for me? :wub:
  9. Cool. I'll join in and do all the Protomen GP tabs. :)
  10. There seems to be a few dozen decent looking GP tabs for Machinae Supremacy. Maybe there should be an effort from the community to get a few songs charted from the bands that will be there... The Protomen Powerglove The Megas
  11. Do you own 'rocksmith', the original version, or just 'rocksmith 2014'? You will need to own both to be able to purchase the song you want.
  12. If I have notes that aren't grid snapped, then I do this as soon as possible. But I'm guessing you're still moving notes about at this point. http://i.imgur.com/ePgY93F.png
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