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  1. i think it are heavy strings. you need a lot power in your fingers to play bendings, its very hurtful^^
  2. and antother issue^^: if i slacken the site too much, for lets say a dropped d song, it sometimes doesnt recognize if i play, so the sites will not be played
  3. hey thx for your help, i think its better. i have only one song with lock reamining, and i can scroll down. i will tell u if it be that way with other songa
  4. nope that are just dlcs, i dont know, i never wanted them, they just show up
  5. ahh thx, now i have another issue: if i scroll through my songs, and a song with a lock appears, i cant scroll down any more, it just stops
  6. ah well, yes but i have to go to the steam store first, for every song, to see which version it requires. its a bit complicated. i dont have this brown logo or the grey background. but i can see it at least in the steam store, but only if i click on the song.
  7. 1, Yes you mean i have to buy the normal Rocksmith too, besides the 2014 version? Where can i see which songs are for the 2014 version? 2. thanks it worked 3, thanks it worked
  8. hey guys i have 3 issues: 1. i own rocksmith 2014, and lets say i want to purchase the song "queen Bohemian rhapsody" and go to the steam store , it says: "You dont own rocksmith, buy rocksmith and try it again". but i own rocksmith, whats the matter? And paypal is right installed. why cant i donwload songs anymore? 2. Theres a strange sound coming from the Rocksmith speakers all the time. Its like, da bum, da bum, da bum. Like a stuttering. and i cant turn it out, its annoying, what can i do? 3. I downloaded a song from customforge, all installed in the right order, where my dlcs are (steam, steamapps, rocksmith2014, dlcs) , but if i load the song, nothing appears besides the rocksmith speakers. whats the problem?
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