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  1. Sometimes I think charters treat this game like some kind of bemani challenge... (Oh, I see there was already a big fight about it.)
  2. Yeah, the only trickiness comes from the first chord having open B and E strings, so one has to actively move to mute them vs just letting off on the barre or something simpler. Oh well! I'll get it eventually!
  3. I was thinking it was a fret hand mute, but I don't know how you'd do that for "open" strings. I guess I'm just laying my index finger down on them and strumming up, but I haven't gotten it to reliably register it yet.
  4. Can somebody remind me, what am I supposed to do with the light colored Xs over open strings in the lane?
  5. I guess it's just bass day today. (I don't think any of these are actual entries.) Bass - Intermediate - 99.08% Bass - Intermediate Bonus - 96.22% Bass - Advanced - 90.72% Bass - Masterclass - 86.15%
  6. Lead - Intermediate (not a real submission) - 89.37%, definitely not ready for intermediate lead yet Rhythm - Beginner - 96.81% Bass - Beginner - HUNDO!!!! Yay! I'll run that beginner lead song and see what happens...
  7. Lead - Easy - 95.87% Lead - Advanced - 88.99% Bass - Easy - 99.48% (gotta get that hundred!) Bass - Intermediate - 95.71% (the note detection is really lenient for runs of rapid notes, innit?)
  8. Anybody know this band called Origami Angel? Their whole album is great, but I really like Doctor Whomst.
  9. I think I'm all set on this song. I like it, but like someone else said, I don't need to play that chorus anymore.
  10. Yes, for me on the AC/DC song, I can't seem to get it to hear all of the repeated power chords. I'll be frozen in position on the frets and out of nowhere, it'll just not hear two or three of them. Very weird! Oh well!
  11. This note detection is driving me up a wall/I need to get better at playing the guitar... Rhythm - Beginner - 85.55%
  12. Not too shabby to start out with! Lead - Beginner - 96.07%
  13. That's more like it! 95.44% if you believe my overlay. Hey, what's the story with the rhythm arrangement for Iris? Is it unusable for anyone else?
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