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  1. Happy Birthday richomat!

  2. Happy Birthday richomat!

  3. Happy Birthday richomat!

  4. Happy Birthday richomat!

  5. Happy Birthday richomat!

  6. As PC Plum suggested delete the arrangment numbers in the toolkit and rebuild the psarc.. that should do the trick.. This happens when you tested your DLC once and then changed sections or added DD after that.. rocksmith caches every arrangment under his unique number.. if you dont change this number but change the sections RS will get confused
  7. You have to first select the right track. Select Song->Track-> And then one of these: PART_REAL_GUITAR PART_REAL_BASS PART_REAL_GUITAR_22 PART_REAL_BASS_22 PART_VOCALS You have selected PART_GUITAR which is not usable for Rocksmith CDLC.
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