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  1. Happy Birthday richomat!

  2. Happy Birthday richomat!

  3. I listen to Metallica since the 80's and by the way James Hetfield is 5 years older then me.
  4. Noel Redding played a guitar on the original recording of Red House. Red House was one of the first recordings of The Experience and Noel switched from guitar to bass later on. taken from Wikipedia: Redding added, "I had borrowed a terrible old hollow-body electric guitar from someone at the studio ... because I liked to play along on rhythm to familiarise myself with a sequence, not being quite at home on the bass yet". The guitar was tuned down one-half step, with the tone controls set to resemble a bass guitar.
  5. If you define "major" as the bands/artists who sold the most records then The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. would be on top of the list. The Beatles have sold more records then AC/DC, Metallica and Guns N'Roses together.
  6. with Hendrix as your avatar it has to be a strat.. i have a white mexican standard with maple fretboard.. plays like a dream and the neck feels better then the warmoth neck on my partscaster.. the mexican standards from the last production years are a huge step up in quality.. even the electronics are US pots and switches.. i even left the ceramic pickus in the guitar.. i screwed them down almost flush to the pickguard.. they are very versatile and i like them better then the seymour duncan aps-1 in my partscaster.. only drawback is: the neck has only 21 frets
  7. As PC Plum suggested delete the arrangment numbers in the toolkit and rebuild the psarc.. that should do the trick.. This happens when you tested your DLC once and then changed sections or added DD after that.. rocksmith caches every arrangment under his unique number.. if you dont change this number but change the sections RS will get confused
  8. RS 2014 is still at 29,95€ The RS2014 boxed edition is 24,99 and the steam code is 29,95€.. How strange is that? The boxed edition includes the DVD and shipping and is cheaper then the steam code which is only a code send by mail..
  9. NIghtwish is HUGE in Scandinavia, and Within Temptation is also a well known band here. Yeah but I wish these bands would be well known in America. I honestly believe these bands could sell out 10,000 seat arenas over here but they end up playing in small venues. Nightwish is also well known in Germany. The album Dark Passion was No. 1 in the Album-Charts.
  10. Probably the most here are not into acoustic guitar stuff. Just try to find a thread about e.g Tommy Emmanuel or Leo Kottke...
  11. Actually there are 85 songs tagged with "Blues".
  12. No it's not. It was hours of joy playing it. Thanks for the great CDLC man! However I will also get the official Jimi pack.
  13. You have to first select the right track. Select Song->Track-> And then one of these: PART_REAL_GUITAR PART_REAL_BASS PART_REAL_GUITAR_22 PART_REAL_BASS_22 PART_VOCALS You have selected PART_GUITAR which is not usable for Rocksmith CDLC.
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