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  1. Hey there guys, got a question. I recently ordered a Yamaha THR10 practice amp, for bedroom use and recording. I just wanted to ask if its possible to use the thing as an external speaker, so I can plug it into my laptop and use it to play Rocksmith. The speakers on my laptop kinda suck and I like to play without using headphones sometimes.
  2. Just a quirk I found in RS2014, dunno if anyone else has had the same problem, but my guitar never seems to stay in tune. I'll tune it for one song, play, select another song in the same tuning or sometimes the same damn song, and I get the tuning screen again -- but my guitar needs to be re-tuned, usually lower again. It's a little weird, but I usually just skip the tuning. Its the same with all the guitars I've owned; first was an Ibanez SV540 Prestige and I'm currently using an EBMM JP6.
  3. @firekorn Alright, will do; just left for my late hospital shift, but I'll give it a try tomorrow. Loved your In Flames charts man. Hope this works so I can try em out again. Update: It worked. All good now.
  4. Having the same problem. I just installed Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on my MSI laptop and while ODLCs work fine, the game freezes on the amp background after I tune when playing CDLCs. I keep having to restart the game over and over. This never happened when I was using the game in my previous laptop, but that was a few years ago. I checked firekorn's thread here :http://customsforge.com/topic/25877-cdlc-not-working/ My problem is that I can't find any existing d3dx9_42.dll file in my root folder or dlc folder, so I'm not sure how to proceed. The closest I can find is a file named "D369572" in my root folder. Am I supposed to erase that and replace it with the "D3DX9_42.dll" file?
  5. Love your stuff bro, I'm super stoked with actually getting to play Scale The Summit stuff. I've seen your Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater charts; would love for you to try your hand at Petrucci's "Suspended Animation" album -- there's a chart of "Glasgow Kiss" somewhere that doesn't have tone (at least, as far as I know) but is already pretty well made: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/glasgow-kiss-r19288 From that album, charts for "Curve" , "Damage Control" and "Wishful Thinking" would be awesome :D Glasgow Kiss: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/john_petrucci/glasgow_kiss_live_album_guitar_pro.htm Curve : https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/john_petrucci/curve_guitar_pro.htm Damage Control: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/john_petrucci/damage_control_ver3_guitar_pro.htm Wishful Thinking: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/john_petrucci/wishful_thinking_guitar_pro.htm Hope these help man :)
  6. Awesome to hear that man; Oracle is one of my favorite StS tracks -- I'll take a listen to the other tracks you mentioned. I just saw your Liquid Tension Experiment charts as well :D
  7. Thanks man, @@cdeath's Children of Bodom charts will give me an excuse to finally use my Ibanez. Hope you make more Scale The Summit dude -- I know it's a pain to make for 6-string guitar since Chris and Travis both use 7-strings exclusively, but I think some songs are doable on 6-string like "Oracle", "Olive Tree", "Odyssey", "Narrow Salient" and "The Traveler".
  8. ^^Whoa, thanks for the suggestions dude! I've actually been practicing your Scale The Summit charts (at least the ones with guitar arrangements) and am working on some Lamb of God stuff. Firekorn's stuff looks great too, especially since I'm an In Flames fan. Teinashu has a lot of great powermetal -- one of my favorite subgenres. Any thrash or metalcore selections you know of would be great as well :D I'm looking to work on my rhythm playing, but a lot of the old tried and true tracks from Metallica or Megadeth have these long, tedious passages that makes them really hard to practice in Riff Repeater.
  9. Hi guys, any suggestions on the best CDLCs for practicing? I'm more partial to metal (and it's subgenres) and hard rock. When I say good for practice, I mean ones that are separated into easy-to-practice chunks for Riff Repeater; I can do without DD, but cutting a song into easy to manage sections for practice. Instrumentals are good as well.
  10. Thank you for clearing that up sir :-) They sure are taking their time with that, but at least we've got plenty of our own CDLCs to keep us busy!
  11. Hi there guys! I'm new here at CustomsForge and just wanted to use this as my introduction post AND my first question. Anyway, I'm using the PC version of Rocksmith 2014 and so far, I've been playing a lot more guitar than I ever have in my life and actually playing entire songs instead of 10 different intro riffs. :lol: My question though, is regarding the DLCs on Steam and the apparent need to own the original Rocksmith. I've tried to buy the Pantera, A7x and Blink 182 DLCs, as well as Lamb of God's Redneck but it says that I have to own the original Rocksmith first. Is there a way around this? I mean, it seems kinda weird that they wouldn't make the older songs compatible with the newer version of their software.... Can anyone help? Or is there a patch I need to download?
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