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    Älmhult, Sweden.
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    I love to play video games, I also love to upgrade my PC very often and mod my PC.
    But what I love the most is to play the guitar.
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    Stratocaster, SG

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  1. I want a new guitar, I prefer Stratocasters and SG. I need a new guitar because my current one sounds like crap. My budget is: 600-800 Euro / 700-1000$
  2. As I said I need a new guitar because this one sound like shit, but I'm not surprised.. Bought a beginners kit back in 2010. So I'm looking for a Strat, my budget is around 630$. Can you recommend me a Strat around that price or should I save my money for a guitar around 1.3k $ ?
  3. I've been on guitar lessons for quite a while now. But Rocksmith helps me alot, like the teacher was surprised that already after the 3rd lesson I could do some tricky songs without any problem, because I've played them on Rocksmith.
  4. Rocksmith.. You're the best, I actually feel I can do this. My motivation to keep going and play the guitar is that I said like a month ago that, Blitzkrieg Bop and Knights of Cydonia was very hard when you got to like 50%. And now one month later I have 97% on Blitzkrieg Bop and 75% on Knights of Cydonia, just proves that Rocksmith is a very good way to learn to play the guitar. Knights of Cydonia: http://i.imgur.com/F6p5hCF.jpg Blitzkrieg Bop: http://i.imgur.com/wHKhp6r.jpg
  5. I have done Blitzkrieg Bop to 94% my problem is not by hitting the notes correctly, my problem is I lose the grip of the pick so it comes in a wrong position. I hold the pick exactly like they showed in the video on Rocksmith, but I always lose the grip.
  6. What is the problem, I can't play the custom songs because it freezes after tuning.
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