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  1. hmm i thought is this it did. But i definitely downloaded the DD version. But I had to convert the PC DD version to a Mac compatible copy. Could the conversion have messed it up? Not likely, so long as you're using the latest version of the toolkit. Double check that you downloaded the DD versions. For the Imagon Dragon songs, the links are under the "Release notes" section of the respective pages. Hmm redownloaded it and looked more closely, it seems like for the imagine dragons radioactive for example, there are only two levels of dynamic difficulty which is why i was confused. thanks!
  2. hmm i thought is this it did. But i definitely downloaded the DD version. But I had to convert the PC DD version to a Mac compatible copy. Could the conversion have messed it up?
  3. Since I'm starting out, I only download songs listed as having DD. However, a lot of the songs I have tried to play don't actually register and have dynamic difficulty. Four songs off the top of my head include The Strokes - Is This It?, New Radicals - You Get What You Give, Imagine Dragons - Its Time, and Imagine Dragons - Radioactive Any thoughts on why my Rocksmith might not be showing the dynamic difficulty for these songs?
  4. I guess it would be indie-pop? Love this, but a lot of the bands I have been searching for have not been made yet. Any suggestions?
  5. So I bought a guitar to play the blues. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on cdlc to download that would fit this genre more. Thanks!
  6. In particular, I am doing one of those basic lessons of navigating the fretboard. Low E string 12th fret is one that repeatedly does not register. I thought it would be cool to at least 100% one lesson, but i gave up because it keeps failing to register. Everything else seems to be working fine! I did calibrate my guitar (this is where you just hit all the strings as loud as you can, right lol). And when I raise the level for the real tone guitar on my mac, I start hearing static. The volume knobs on my guitar and all the tone knobs are all the way up. Thanks!
  7. I keep trying to play notes on the low E string and it seems to register them sometimes while not registering other times. Any advice?
  8. Hmm yeah it worked when I downgraded mono to the version you mentioned, thats odd! Thanks!! It did take a SUPER long time to open though, with the guitar icon bouncing up and down for a while. Did you experience this?
  9. Yep I did do the MRE package. Maybe I will try to uninstall and get 3.4.0
  10. Console says something like "Unable to Collect cdhash" ?
  11. Thanks! I got it, it said to install something called Mono. I did that. But now every time I click on the Rocksmith Toolkit icon, it doesn't open up? I see the icon pop up on the bottom and it closes immediately. I tried to reinstall mono, redownload the toolkit, everything, but I just can't get the toolkit to open up in the first place. Any advice?
  12. Some songs I've searched for (particularly Stairway to Heaven and While My Guitar Gently Weeps) only have DLC available for the PC version. I am trying to get them on a Mac. Any ideas?
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