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  1. Happy Birthday Bardic!

  2. Happy Birthday Bardic!

  3. I made sure to buy an extra cable from amazon so when we go to my brother's house or a friend's house for LAN parties we can use my bass and guitar in multiplayer, or two guitars if they have one, which most of my friends do now thanks to introducing them to RS. I just have cheap instruments from Amazon, so I don't mind letting others try them or leaving them there overnight while I go get some sleep. So I will play some, badly also, and they can try the guitar and bass which I think is easier. The difficult part is getting the laptop within reach using HDMI, still having a good way to change songs and difficulty for the parts, and making sure no one trips on cords. As an added benefit I get to show off the cdlc I have made myself like Misty Mountains Cold from the old hobbit cartoon which has that nostalgia factor for my family and group of friends.
  4. Those are great ideas. Mechanics wise I'd like to see some simple things. Sorting and filtering, so after you have selected your favorites you can sort and/or filter by all the options: tuning, lead/rhythm/bass, artist, genre, or a way to hide songs that aren't in favorites and then do the sorting. Easier way to swap paths, show which paths are available for a song, maybe a way to choose which path of the song you want to play right there in your song list, and the option to filter out songs not available for my path. Navigation without the keyboard/mouse. I load RS up on my laptop so I can set it up at friends houses and it is a pain to sit near the laptop and change songs. Even at home with my wireless keyboard it has to be in reach all the time. It wouldn't work while playing a song, but they could make different strings navigate a little bit while choosing songs. This one of course is the least important, but would be handy. Now these are probably mostly related to the fact that I have 700 customs loaded for my game (after dividing my DLC into a good folder and a crap folder), and I just leave it sorted by favorites all the time. Of course, the RS team may not see any reason to add these.
  5. That sounds great. I haven't noticed much difference in quality myself but I enjoy seeing how it was implemented and that does make sense. Awesome work by the way, I never thought making customs would be fun but I've found myself up until 6 am because I just wanted to tweak something a little more before going to bed.
  6. You are right, it creates the ogg and then creates the wav. Seems like an odd way of doing it, you could convert the mp3 into ogg, and then extract the same mp3 to wav and come from the best quality source for the wav every time. Leading silence and padding are just silent to could be added to both separately, but maybe that was easier to code through the ogg files and there may not be enough loss to matter.
  7. You select an MP3, it converts it to ogg and extracts out a wav file, and uses the ogg to play in EOF (I assume to allow playing at faster and slower speeds without being choppy). The wav file is the file you import into wwise, and compress using those settings. So does selecting a lower bitrate make the wav file smaller, or does it just make the sound in EOF lower quality and not have any effect on the final psarc? edit- just tested and the wav stayed the same at 35MB, and the ogg file was 1.9MB at the lowest setting and 11MB at the highest. So I don't think it matters, the higher quality just makes it easier for you to listen to as you map out the beats and notes of a song.
  8. So, I have created 3 songs for Rocksmith. The first 2 worked fine as a psarc, the first was very simple (no DD or riff repeater), the second had DD and riff repeater phrases and still worked, but the third one crashes and the game closes every time I try to play it. The error is c0000005 (right after tuning my bass). Built it first with the bass part, vocals, DD, and RR phrases. Since that failed I have tried taking out the vocals, the DD, the phrases. I also started fresh and just copied the notes from the old project but left out everything including timing other than the main bpm. Added silence to the beginning. Tried a different MP3, re-encoded it to a lower bitrate, added silence before the EOF import. I've converted all the different versions of the wave using wwise. Just rebuilt it now, clean start, put in 2 notes as a test, built it all and it still crashed the game. Possibly something wrong with the MP3, but like I said, I've tried different song files. Does anyone have any thoughts? I may try rebooting after I post this or installing the programs on another PC to try the build from there. Hopefully something is just wonky, and I don't know when I rebooted last.
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