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  1. I was wondering if you could please update and or fix your great custom of Having An Average Weekend (Kids In The Hall Theme) by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet that you made.  Thank you   

    1. Xstatic


      I dont make things anymore and dont really remember how either.  I just noticed this sorry what is the problem you are having with that dlc?  Is there a note wrong?  It was just made from a tab online.

    2. theone643


      Sorry, I fixed the issue.  Thanks for replying thou

  2. Happy Birthday Xstatic!

  3. Happy Birthday Xstatic!

  4. Happy Birthday Xstatic!

  5. I switched over to MSI afterburner it has a video record option it just has file sizes that are like 10 gig bigger than shadowplay. I just delete them after uploading so I guess its not that big a deal. Hopefully nvidia fixes there stuff eventually but it doesnt seem likely
  6. Hmm thats lame i guess i'll try that since this is the only game i use it on thanks.
  7. Anyone else having troubles i use nvidia shadowplay to record my cdlc play through videos and like a month ago it just stopped working once rocksmith is playing. It works fine on other games so I cant seem to figure it out. It says its recording and shows it in the folder but once i stop the recording it disappears :(
  8. That was really good but the back up dancer girls seemed outta place at least for this song.
  9. Xstatic

    oculus rift

    I just have people added and try to beat each others high scores on games is all so far like on robo recall or the climb. Otherwise not much point never been online at same time as anyone else and it doesnt seem to have a good way to communicate with another person in menu.
  10. At the bottom of your post when your mouse is on your post a report button with a yellow triangle appears I think thats the best way to handle those. Not sure if its the same on smartphones.
  11. I'm left handed and learned that way. I wish I woulda have just learned right handed. Most videos online are right handed and most of the cool guitars are also and its hard to find a nice lefty. Other than those nuisances I don't think it really matters.
  12. If anyone finds a tab for this song I would love to make it this song is really awesome if you like pink floyd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XScxBQpNzXE
  13. I've bought 3. The original one from original rs the wire near the plug must have broke because it crackles and if you twist it just right it works but you cant move it at all once its working or it stops. That got old quick so I ordered two more incase I ever have someone to play multiplayer with.
  14. Wow that sucks hope nothing important was ruined.
  15. A small idea is all I have I have never changed the strings on my newest guitar and only changed the old ones strings when one broke. I'm a noob for sure.
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