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  1. Happy Birthday fraMTK!

  2. Happy Birthday fraMTK!

  3. Happy Birthday fraMTK!

  4. sometimes i manage to show up even if my limited time doesn't allow me to practice... http://i.imgur.com/Jw0Tvfi.jpg
  5. UIniversity is killing me this semester so far but i had to find the time to play some in flames :P http://i.imgur.com/o5fKtCG.jpg
  6. I won't do better than this, i hate ramones P.S. @@Mortalo you wrote my name with an m too much :P http://i.imgur.com/wGoCxF3.jpg
  7. Well, after pretty much a little more than a month not playing i'm happy with the 90%, posting both medium and hard screenshots (shouldn'e make a difference since the song doesn't have DD). Medium has slightly better percentage and points but hard has a slightly better note streak. P.S. I probably butchered the harder part of the song but apparently rocksmith doesn't care particularly :P http://i.imgur.com/3nMvuml.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/9x0uS3s.jpg
  8. So, my exam session is finally over. Too bad now rocksmith won't register like 60% of the notes i play, i'm definetly sure to hit the right ones (and let's face it, Xerces isn't really the hardest song to play) but if i don't tap the fret instead of holding my finger on it the note just won't register... Tomorrow i'll try to change the strings and see if that solves anything (they are not the newest and i don't really think that's the problem but worth giving it a shot i guess), also my guitar doesn't really like drop tunings. I guess i should maybe start looking into a better one because i'm kinda fed up with all these problems and right playing gets pretty frustrating pretty quickly...
  9. I really have no clue how to make the bends register... http://i.imgur.com/vLv8Dna.jpg
  10. I don't think i'm gonna try doing better at this song, for some reason my shoulder starts hurting kinda badly when plating it. I doubt it's the speed because i've tried to play faster songs without problems http://i.imgur.com/8plwKRG.jpg
  11. I keep missing random chords here and there, i think because sometimes i only hit 2 strings instead of all 3... P.S. @@Vodka will you ever get tired of winning beginner lead week after week? :P http://i.imgur.com/m6GRDgn.jpg
  12. strangely i had time to play today. Fun song, definetly doable 100% if i can manage to move more then 1 finger at a time to switch chords :P http://i.imgur.com/yaE5sdo.jpg
  13. As always i'm almost late due to university stuff. The first one is the best percentage but i didn't like that X so i did it again but couldn't better my precision. Now excuse me but it's 10:14PM here and i have an exam tomorrow morning (yes, exams on saturday >.>) so i guess i'll go study :P http://i.imgur.com/Qr0G3z5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JHGW53Y.jpg
  14. Welp, time for my weekly thursday submission. Stupid university takes away so much of my time i only have 1-2 hours every week to practice :angry: http://i.imgur.com/jejfazn.jpg
  15. I really had 0 time to play this week, i played the song for the first time 15 minutes ago and i have to leave in 5 so i don't think i'm gonna do better then this before tomorrow xD http://i.imgur.com/1kLWk9O.jpg
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