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  1. Happy Birthday switchback!

  2. Happy Birthday switchback!

  3. Happy Birthday switchback!

  4. I suffer from a chronic muscle problem that occasionally locks up my joints, including my wrists. It's called myofascial trigger points. I've been to doctors seeking relief but frankly, most doctors are ignorant of the condition or the solution. Also, most people don't have this as a chronic problem but only occasional problems in one area. Many people may suffer from trigger points, which feels like a charlie horse or a muscle cramp and while it may be painful, it may subside with time. Others need to treat the problem to feel relief. The treatment is a rather painful massage of the offending trigger point. You may identify the trigger point as a knot or a sore spot in a muscle. The tricky thing is, you may feel pain in your wrist but the offending muscle may be in your forearm. Since you have been examined by a doctor and treated unsuccessfully, I would certainly look at trigger points as a possible cause. Here is a web site that can help you identify the problem area and also provides information on treatment. http://myofascialtherapy.org/ Use the symptom checker to locate where the offending muscle might be. If you think this may be the problem, there are massage therapists trained in trigger point therapy and can help you release them. Once located, you can learn to massage them yourself. Hope this helps, pain sucks.
  5. Well, let me tell you. If you stick with official Rocksmith forums, cdlc is taboo so it is never mentioned. At least not that I ever saw. I stumbled onto it watching some youtube vids of odlc. Someone posted cdlc of Hotel California and I though maybe it was odlc and I missed it somehow. I'm betting I'm not the only Rocksmith player unaware of cdlc. But hey, I'm here now! better late than never.
  6. When I got my first guitar I also bought a book called The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer. It's a great book and I used it to learn open chords and scales and bar chords. After that I didn't know what to do so I found a teacher. I was sitting outside his studio at the guitar store waiting for my first lesson and I overheard the young student who had just entered the studio tell the teacher that he needed to learn the solo to Stairway to Heaven by the coming Saturday, The teacher said OK, do you know any scales? Kid replied no so that's where he started. When it was my turn I walked in and told him that I needed to learn the solo to Stairway to heaven by Saturday. We had a good laugh and then asked me if I knew any scales. I knew the Pentatonic and Aeolian pretty well but only the first positions, not even aware that scales extended to more positions. His focus was to teach me to play a song. I learned Hideaway by Freddie King and spent time at my teachers house playing his Les Paul. Bottom line is that I learned a lot from having a teacher. He helped me put my skills in order and actually play a song. I also had a great relationship with my teacher and had a great time taking lessons but I was young and undisciplined and got lazy so I stopped taking lessons. I always remember that he taught people to play songs. So does Rocksmith.
  7. How many Rocksmith users ever played in a school band or orchestra? Orchestras use sheet music and players must read the notes or at least follow along and use the sheet music for reference. I used to play using MM but I play a wide variety of Rocksmith dlc and resigned myself to learning to sight read the note highway. My focus is improving my technique, moving my fret hand where its needed, etc. Where I make the most mistakes is actually with my picking hand. There are some songs that I want to be able to play outside of Rocksmith, so I usually just try and play as much as I can without using Rocksmith. If I get stuck, I can use it for a quick reference but as it has been mentioned, repetition is key and training your memory by forcing yourself to rely on it. To answer the question of learning a new song, depends on the difficulty for me. There are songs that I can get in the 90 percent range the first time around and others that maybe I only get 50 percent. If I get 50 percent the first time, it will probably take me a few weeks and some Riff Repeater work to improve to a playable level.
  8. Hi all, I've been playing guitar for decades and Rocksmith for about 5 years now. I can't believe I just found this site. I'm so excited, there are so many songs here that I've requested and thought I would never see. I have used Rocksmith to better my playing and teach my son to play guitar. We play every day. We're on vacation right now but coming home soon. Can't wait to get started and hopefully contribute as well. I feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store right now. Hope to make many acquaintances here. Thanks for this awesome resource.
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