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  1. You dont have to pay anyone anything aha, Theres alot of tutorials on how to do it. Ill PM you the programs you need but just watch the tutorials and you should be fine!
  2. not sure if this is the right forum but What do you play if you had to tryout for something? I have a concert coming up that i need to tryout for but cant seem to figure out what i should do.
  3. I see disturbed, Breaking benjamin and alter bridge tomorrow
  4. when it comes to me learning a song like this i cant really play score attack because how fast the song simply is at the start. hence why i would slow it down in riff repeater and work my way up (this is just the way i do it) but ive never actually tried score attack with this song.
  5. Thats when master mode is a great thing but i learn songs in sections and cant xseem to figure out how to get master mode to work in DDC on only one section. I feel like if i could get master mode to work like that learning would be alot simpler as it would be playing the notes by memory somewhat instead of staring at the notes while playing.
  6. How do you guys go about learning new songs? Like the majority of the time id just sit there and keep repeating the same song, Play it for around an hour a day each day until it sticks to my head, While also slowing down some songs that are pretty difficult and going up speeds as i can play it. But how do you guys learn songs?
  7. Alright so i feel like we have a decision, Other than that i just have to worry about pedals. I appreciate everyones help who commented on this post.
  8. Since its a school rock concert they play everything from pop songs to ozzy, to lynyrd. But in all honesty i was honestly looking at this tube amp. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/bugera-1960-infinium-150w-classic-hi-gain-tube-guitar-amp-head Theres plenty of mixed reviews saying that the amp company is shit, while the majority of the reviews say that its a pretty badass amp overall, This just leaves me with finding a cabinet and getting a couple of pedals. Now for the sound system of the venue (Which is the schools performing arts center which is still pretty big) I know they have a PA system, But i didnt play in the concert last year because i was still new to the school, But i went and watched and it seemed like they had the other instruments were louder than the two guitars (violins). The only real time i heard the guitar when i watched was during the guitar solos or when they played an acoustic song. Also i know they have a designated area in the performing center for sound, Im not sure what exactly goes on there but im sure they do something with the guitars. I think i covered everything you asked.
  9. Guess this is alot harder than i thought, Ive heard of the helix before but never looked into it
  10. Yes, the 6505 (and the 5150) are certainly way superior choices to the Spider, some don't like them due to some quality bits, but they're decent amps. Just make sure it's not used too much, as those are aged amps. Info on the Internet? You don't have to play something to qualify it is good. Take the Bogner XTC for example, that's a sick amp. Why should I need to play something that has everything one can ask for out of an amp? You don't drive a Ferrari to know it's fast. You know it's fast from the ground up, it's common sense and some thinking... Please explain "Aged", Should i only use the amp for gigging then? Edit: on a second thought aswell, Ive also looked at some Orange amps that seemed to be nice
  11. I was just honestly thinking about upping my budget to get the peavey 6505 and probably a matching cab and some pedals, Im just going to ask work to give me more hours (Which im not sure if they would do but its worth a try) But im pretty sure thats a damn good amp.
  12. theres alot of different CDLC for learning, They are usually listed under the artist "You" or "Lessons". Other than that find easy songs to play to learn from and get better.
  13. I made my way to guitar center and actually tried the spider iv and it seemed pretty decent, definitely got loud but i wasnt too much of a fan of the metal channel (yet i only played it for a bit) but the cleans and the twang sound pretty good. I tried looking up a video of the amp you showed but all i found was a video of the combo in which it got alot of hate on the sound so im not completely sure, But heres the video.
  14. Im a 17 year old kid that works 2 days a week and has to pay car insurance and shit by himself, But i appreciate the answer and ive actually always wanted to try a mesa, Like i said before ill have to get into a guitar center soon and try these out. But there is probably no way i could make 2000 dollars by the time this concert comes up to get the amp head, cabs and pedals.
  15. Alright thanks for the help
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