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  1. Thought I'd bump this to the top for anyone wondering if Rocksmith is true to it's word. It is, after 6 months of Rocksmith I brushed away from it and learned more and more.. I've progressed more than I expected.
  2. I've been playing Rocksmith for bout a year and 4 months now, roughly 11 months as there are week breaks I stupidly took. I'm pretty decent, but I don't think I'm as good as I could be had I had lessons. I met a guy who is 40 2 years ago and he is absolutely insane at guitar, I'm talking slash style.. he played everything I said and it made me sick, especially Soothsayer by Buckethead.. he is a graded guitar teacher and bassist as well so after 2 years of contemplating this i decided the sooner I go up the sooner I learn more stuff, he gave me bargain lessons. I had my first lesson and he
  3. I first started getting lessons when I was 11 years old, I was inspired by T.Rex's Marc Bolan, I just remember seeing him whilst my dad watched television.. and everything blew me away. I was already a fan of Guns N' Roses and I started to focus on Slash and Duff McKagan a lot more than I used to. I quit lessons but continued again after seeing Nirvana, I ended up learning the drums because of this.. I thought I'd always be a failure on guitar due to being unable to listen to teachers. I started again recently, maybe about a month back. I'm still to this day inspired by T.Rex and others.
  4. Thanks man! I appreciate you taken the time to reply. I feel like so far Rocksmith has helped me adjust my fingers and get used to some songs, surprisingly I can pretty much memorize Blitzkrieg Bop and I've only been playing it for 3 days. I appreciate you calling me blessed though, music is genuinely a main factor in my life and I'm surrounded by it with the people that are close to me, I've been brought up with bands that most people used to laugh at. I'll focus on the learning, my mind will tell me when I'm ready! I hope all is going well for you too man! Keep on playing :)
  5. I'm slowly playing rocksmith to learn guitar, I didn't actually expect it to work (I've had teachers in the past and I always disliked them) I met a guy recently who said I can go up to his and he'll teach me, he's 20 years older but has a lot of experience and can play a LOT. My girlfriend is learning Bass and my cousin is a drummer.. we're hoping to form a band sometime next year, I know it's highly unlikely but I was curious, I'm so excited and love playing so much.. If I play rocksmith and get some lessons on the side from this dude (maybe once a week) do you think I'll be able to write
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