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  1. Didn't have much time for the Championship this week as I've used more of my Rocksmith time working on my own customs (latest is Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good at Being in Trouble). I think this is more of a 4 than a 3 but it's classed correctly at intermediate: This bass chart is largely wrong but it doesn't sound terrible and it's reasonably fun to play IMO: Ah, Tool...all the fast alternating strings, for 10+ minutes. At the beginning I struggle, then I get the hang of it, then by the end I'm just ready to be done. And I don't care to replay for a higher score
  2. Two ways you could find songs used in the Championship: Leaderboard (as pointed out by @Orkkongen - link is always posted in the OP for each week) Song Selection List (here you will find in the SSL tab requests for CDLC to be used in the Championship - you can add your own requests too - and in the Songs from the Past tab all the songs that have been played previously, including links to ignition)
  3. Agree that it's a stretch for beginner but in a good way. The tempo is slow enough and note density low enough to make the string and fret adjustments and that movement can prepare you for more complex, higher tempo songs. Also, no shame in posting your LAS score instead of Score Attack.
  4. I just finished and posted my first CDLC a short time ago - Desire Lines by Deerhunter. I would appreciate any feedback from my Championship friends. On to my initial scores: Those annoying 12-->2 slides tripping me up: Did better on this one despite the poor bend recognition:
  5. Yeah Have a Cigar is tricky and the bends and hammer-ons take it up to a 7-8 for me. I played it back to back with Paschendale (which had been rated as an 8 on bass) and found Paschendale markedly easier overall. I do agree that RS note detection may be part of the challenge.
  6. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 388 =- FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @Banjoclan Intermediate: @ZeroPingNZ Advanced: @HollyMakrell Masterclass: @veggs95 God of Guitar: @veggs95 Rhythm: Beginner: @Banjoclan Intermediate
  7. Okay I'm closing week 387 for new scores, doing the final leaderboard update and starting week 388 shortly.
  8. Hi All - two hour warning before I post week 388!
  9. Improvement on the advanced song...LAS is less stressful:
  10. @JamesPrestonUK Do you still have Mutemath - You Are Mine or Flaming Lips - Flowers of Neptune 6 on your radar? I had asked about these on your blog a few months back and I think you said you were looking into them. As always, thanks for your many bass CDLC contibutions.
  11. First tries: I can definitely improve this one. The little slap parts are actually played on a separate bass track and they threw me off a bit: I played this with a pick due to the note density but I think fingerpicking will work better for the parts that alternate between the E and A strings. Will try again:
  12. Just realized I neglected to post my Advanced Bonus score from earlier in the week. I adore this song and album:
  13. Well, I decided to go ahead and buy a 5-string bass, and I'm very happy with it (a lovely Dean Edge 2) although it's a bit of an adjustment especially playing the E string. Anyway, I tried out the Advanced and Masterclass songs with it on SA and I'm reasonably happy with my scores. I think I could improve on The Ocean more but I don't think 99%+ is in the cards so this is probably it for me:
  14. Welcome to the Championship! You posted correctly and those scores are fantastic - well done.
  15. So I did my first post-testing attempts at Intermediate and Advanced bass on LAS: This one took me into Master Mode before I was ready - oh well: And then a sad tale of woe. On my first song after Pool, my A string broke. I've had this bass with original strings for five years but only started playing it regularly in the last six months. So I got some new strings, re-strung the bass, and went to tune it only to discover that my D string tuning engine wouldn't tune up to D. When the peg got to a certain level of tension it would just "click" back again and again. I
  16. Sorry for the slight delay getting this up. I had fun going through different water-themed songs and coming up with the final list. Big thank you to @Mikson for help testing the lead and rhythm paths. I included some bonus parts since these are so fun to play. LZ - The Ocean and QOTSA - I Sat By the Ocean are both fantastic on bass so I had to include both somehow. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! One caveat: the beginner lead song (Black Keys - Oceans & Streams) is a stretch for beginner level. It's really more of a 4 but it's challenging to find good beginner-level songs on lead and ev
  17. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 386 =- Water Body Theme Week! FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @railshark Intermediate: @DarthStrom Advanced: @Mikson Masterclass: @veggs95 God of Guitar: @veggs95
  18. Alright - week done, nice job everyone. I'll be posting week 386 shortly. Update: It's up!
  19. Also - I plan to start the new week and close this one off at 7pm CET. So this is the three-hour warning. Good luck all!
  20. Nicely done sir - I was trying to catch your previous score but just as I got the main riff down I started missing the easier parts and then I would just get frustrated. Still a great bass track and I'll come back to it at some point: I'll enter a score for this admittedly strange, highly technical song: And it was worth a try but damn Cliff Burton was a freak of nature: And what the hell, I'll enter my score on the Lead Beginner song played on my sad old Rock Band guitar/controller:
  21. I'm requesting bass charts for anything from Baroness' most recent album, Gold & Grey. Ultimate-Guitar has GP tabs for Front Toward Enemy and my personal favorite, Borderlines. Also there is a good bass cover of Tourniquet on YT.
  22. Easy but not boring IMO: Yeah, after another play, there's no way I would attempt this fingerpicked: Underrated track from a classic album - and with that signature bassline:
  23. Hey, thanks. It is very interesting to hear about how others are excelling or struggling with different skills, as it gives me perspective. I'm used to getting the rhythm by ear rather than "reading" the rhythm visually, so I wasn't bothered by the 6/4 charting in The Gold. As for playing with a pick, I played Rock Band for many years and learned to "alt strum" on the fake instrument, so when I started up with guitar and bass on RS it came easily. Since everyone has different perspectives, it's always good to see differing opinions on the ratings.
  24. Hi @kayteck. I looked back through the leaderboard sheet and I think what happened is that you scored a 99.69% on the Week 382 intermediate chart (Def Leppard - Photograph) and since it was a 5 difficulty you were automatically moved up to advanced in week 383. Oddly, I scored a 99.84% but was not moved up. But you have scored over 99.5% on the intermediate song three weeks in a row. I am close to that but will be moving up to advanced this week. The official rule is: You level up ----- if you achieve 99%+ (bass 99.5%+) on a classes top difficulty song (3 for beg / 5 f
  25. @Mikson @Hyphema Sorry about that. This is my first time starting a new week and I neglected to post a time warning in this thread, which I absolutely should have done. I think the deadline is supposed to be between 6pm and 8pm CET. In any case, next time I will post a warning ahead of time.
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