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  1. A few initial tries for me, all from today: First, this lovely and eccentric tune from what is IMO the best QOTSA album...this one was written by Josh Homme to his daughters about "saying goodbye to dark days" which is hopefully what we will be doing as the world continues to recover from the pandemic: Another great track from a really strong Vampire Weekend album. This one has some incredible, poetic lyrics about coming to grips with suffering and pain (some of it self-caused, some not) when you thought maybe it wouldn't happen to you: And Stone Cold D
  2. @Radekore @arrov You are two of my favorite creators and the effort and care you put into your CDLC is evident. Glad you stopped by and know that you are appreciated!
  3. I should have mentioned here that I chose Suffer for the Championship this week - but I see you already found your way to it @arrov Only the bass part is in this week's competition but I have put the lead and rhythm paths in reserve for a future competition. Thanks again for all the excellent Pumpkins CDLC!
  4. Thanks @Miksonfor sharing your ratings. It seems Stone Cold Digital fits clearly at Intermediate instead of Advanced on lead, so I will move that one to Intermediate Bonus and unveil my backup..... JAWBREAKER (see OP for update)
  5. To me this all depends on how robust their licensing efforts are. A "huge amount of songs" might mean something different to the average person than it does to me with my nearly 7000 CDLCs.
  6. Yes, fair warning to everyone else - Kalopsia lulls you to sleep with like 3+ minutes of difficulty 2-ish and then goes more like int/adv level at the very end.
  7. Let me know how you find Stone Cold Digital...I'm not convinced it's advanced level. If I get feedback to that effect I have a backup advanced song for lead.
  8. I hope everyone enjoys this week. It's a theme based on some of the frustrations and feelings that the pandemic has brought me. I didn't get to thoroughly test all the lead and rhythm parts so let me know if you have any feedback. I'm not 100% sure about Stone Cold Digital given the tuning but the bass part is fun if your bass can get down to A std (I have a 5-string).
  9. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 399 =- Theme Week - Pandemic Vibes FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: @someotherbruce Intermediate: @Anitomer Advanced: @HollyMakrell Masterclass: @Snakewizard Rhythm: Beginner: no participants Intermediate: @Banjoclan Advanced: @Mikson Masterclass: n/a Bass: Beginner: @blucrsr
  10. Sorry for the delay - new week will be up shortly. ...and, it's up!
  11. FYI I’m not yet done with next week’s selections so everyone will have a bit more time this week. I will post the new week by ~midnight CET and give a heads up an hour or so beforehand.
  12. Well done @Mikson and @diceslinger passing me on Franklin's Tower! I had a really good run going with 300+ streak to start the song only to lose my rhythm in the second half and finish lower than my previous score. Oh well, I'll try again today. Meanwhile, I had a blast playing through Master of Puppets...well, after Battery which is my least favorite song on the album. I choked a bit on Orion but otherwise I'm proud of my score. Much respect to those who actually played the whole album on Score Attack.
  13. Got to the masterclass song...Klone is quickly becoming my favorite prog band thanks to @albatross213:
  14. First tries for the week though two of these I've played a few times before: Surprisingly fun: A classic song, even after several plays the rhythm is tricky:
  15. Too little too late but I did manage some improvement on Animals:
  16. Wow...fantastic selections this week! Muffin Man and Master of Puppets full album should be a hell of a ride for the masterclass lead guitarists.
  17. Welcome to the Championship! Those are some really good sight read scores. I would suggest you start at advanced, or maybe intermediate if you're not convinced. Let us know and we'll update the leaderboards.
  18. I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the songs this week. My first tries for the week: This would technically not be allowable as I took the screenshot too late but I'm not competing on beginner: Such a good song and band: This is also one of my favorite Muse songs and the best one off 2nd Law IMO: I didn't have a chance to test this before the week started but it was really nice to play...well done @Nacholede: I won't come close to winning on this late 80s classic but I'm proud of this attempt. I think I could do a bit bette
  19. I played through all of Gish (well, all of the bass parts) Sunday and had a blast! The three bass charts you did were my favorites - Crush, Suffer, and Window Paine
  20. Sorry about the repeat of Too Bad - I love Rival Sons and had this one on my list to test, but checking against the songs from the past slipped through the cracks.
  21. Regarding "Victory", apologies if there are any issues with that one. I had to add it at the last minute as I needed an advanced rhythm song so I didn't have a chance to test it at all. That's part of why I put it as a bonus on bass.
  22. The average winning score for Intermediate Lead typically isn't higher than 95-96 percent and sometimes lower (we had two weeks in a row where it was high 70s-low 80s). I would guess that this is because of the steeper learning curve for lead as opposed to rhythm and bass, and the fact that intermediate lead may have some soloing and/or fiddly bits. But no, you're not the only competitor. Based on your scores so far you may want to consider moving up to advanced at some point.
  23. I didn't realize that was a hard and fast rule. I won't be playing the GoG song so it doesn't matter to me but doing my selections from a musical standpoint I'd much rather have Zappa there. GoG competitors - please let me know ASAP if you were hoping for a second week of "Jato Unit". If I don't hear anything I'll just leave it as is. Also, a note: the Adv/Int/Int song this week, "Too Bad" by Rival Sons, was taken off CF recently for some reason so I've linked to my own copy.
  24. Had to post a bit early for family reasons - if you post a new score within the next few minutes I will update accordingly. Week 397 is up now!
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