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  1. Killers for reasons unknown 2 Tried this with a plectrum too, was way out. Thumb is so much more accurate I expect most here will hot 100 on this
  2. For reasons unknown lead and rhythm 2-2.5 for both Only a couple weeks ago I was thinking of moving to intermediate. Now struggling to get in the 90's. Spent years with a metronome honing my timing to a point where I have it internalized Then Rocksmith slaps me in the face and says nope your timing sucks
  3. You are right though, need to plug into a big amp and crank it up sometimes. I spent alot of years on technique, playing unplugged or through headphones. Then when I plugged in and turned it up, oh my you can here ever tiny error, its a real kick in the teeth .lol
  4. But that is the whole band right?? Not the individual instrument . Like with stems. That would be good .
  5. Yea I could see that. Was just thinking would be good if you could turn up or down the volume of the part you are playing . So you could just hear your guitar along with the band.
  6. Lead beginner felels like the bass chart until you get to the solo
  7. Will try that, I am moving from a toshiba laptop to a pc soon Intel i5 so that should sort any lag out. What I meant is I like to be right in time with the music, and I find I am hitting notes well before the notes on screen hit the fretboard when I am . I actually found I was hitting more perfect notes by moving the slider the other way around 100 - 150.?? I guess it's just trial and error .
  8. What % would you guys say would be good enough for the average pub band . Because I've seen some ropey versions of songs by cover bands over the years . I Think probably 75- 80% ?? Would be plenty good enough .
  9. Yea I agree, just me I think I feel like I am playing it fine, the song just does not like me .lol Another question for all what does everyone have thier video lag setting at, the default is 50. But I find I'm playing ahead of the music to get a perfect . ??
  10. Ryhthm Fade to black . Been playing this for years .......wrong apparently
  11. Rhythm section Beginner I think I may be able to get this a little better Intermediate .crap crap crap Couldn't get past first few sections. Learn a song at least it's a score right I give this a rating of 8 at least as it's the first song I cant complete in SA. I'm never playing it again
  12. Swelting hot here in the u.k feels like a rhythm day today.
  13. Had this in my imgur library Bass beginner I really should upload scores as I do them . God knows how you guys keep on top of the scores. Lol Is there anyway you can get notifications when someone posts a ne score ?? .
  14. Got it now. mr blue sky bass All green and purple but no cigar I've got to 100% this. Even though dont want to over play it as it is one of my most favourite songs. And master Oh forgot to give this a difficulty rating. 7 Oh and shame that one part is wrong in the chart . I guess you all know this though .
  15. Right slowed down mr blue sky to 30 % still cant get it. So going down the tab route. Gonna be a whole week on this one song . Walking bass part does me everytime
  16. I was enjoying mr blue sky, thinking this cant be intermediate. Then it all went a bit crazy, I'm not at all good enough to sight read at full speed, so I have to slow down and play the whole song at 75% or less, just for that difficult part. Damnn it
  17. Ffs just realised haha oh well we move on to next week
  18. I played the whole of of the masterclass on bass, then realised I had not raised the difficulty. Damnn. Sea shanty and all that
  19. Beginner rhythm quite difficult this one 4/4.5 Rhythm advanced 4.5 Found this easier than the song above . Now this is why I love this comp . the whole reason, bugger the score. To find songs and bands I never knew existed. I love this song .
  20. Lead beginner Bass beginner Bass intermediate Bass advanced No idea what's happened here but it looks good . Lol. Yea this wouldn't work for me glitches out after intro.
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