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  1. Never realise this existed. just looked 1.607 entries jeez I'm guessing Its a good idea to download updated versions of songs then ??
  2. My Intermediate lead score was not auto added again. I've manually added now . Not sure why It don't like my lead scores ..? Seems like the back In black scores are not there also
  3. I was testing a song for adding to song list not sure whats up with It cant seem to get the tuning right Is It me or the cdlc If anyone wants to have a look CustomsForge | Ignition4 Search
  4. Slight IMprovement And Inter Lead As If I haven't heard this song enough on the radio I pick It for championship...
  5. Beginner Lead A lot more difficult than It should be Maybe should of been Intermediate 4.5/5
  6. Rhythm Back in black Beginner Needs another tone for chors but ok for beginner Inter/advanced Maiden great fun to play Was gonna play Velvet revolver - Falling to pieces. But wont show in song list not sure why .....Oh well
  7. Two picks In one week and maiden cant be bad Bass beginner nice for a warm up Inter bass Much harder than you would expect from a overplayed pop song. May see lower scores than Maiden Advanced Good old maiden and the Harris gallop relentless, always need a rest after . Think I missed maybe two or three notes.
  8. I wish I had 95.48 on Ghost - Impera full album . You can leave It If you like looks good.
  9. Got a 95.48 In Intermediate lead not sure why It never got picked up.
  10. Other rhythm scores Beginner Inter Other Lead Scores Beginner Master
  11. Quick scores before bed 7am.Lol Advanced rhythm Inter lead great song some parts wont register
  12. Inter bass My favourite bass line of the week started with a 95% Advanced bass Started with a 90% Love a bit of panther much harder than some of their other bass songs. maybe this is the new bassist ?? Advanced bonus defiantly much easier than the steel panther song Much easier that the steel panther song fun to play
  13. Bass beginner. Clutch Bass lines are always so much fun to play
  14. Inter Lead This should be easy, so why Is It not .lol
  15. Scores so far Beginner rhythm Beginner lead Inter rhythm Advanced rhythm
  16. Seems If I don't leave a gap between score screenshots one of them don't get recognized could be the black background .
  17. Rhythm and lead scores Beginner Inter Advanced What a groovy rhythm Like this a lot
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