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  1. I have the same issue as Shiro. Initially reported it in Discord back in September 2021 here: https://discord.com/channels/133319143339327488/288838977190887424/886327198154367022 Pretty frustrating not having my preferences saved whenever I visit and seriously deters me from making searches regularly. I might be old fashioned, but isn't it more economical to store that sort of preference in browser cookies rather than server-side?
  2. Started this earlier this year and I mentioned this on the Customsforge Discord. There's still no way to call "dibs" on a chart and forums are forever, right? I haven't touched this in a little while due to life catching up to me. It's fun enough to play so far and is a wonderful deep cut from the K-ON! soundtrack. Download Fude Pen Ball Pen - YuiAzu Ver alpha1 Eventually I'll get back to it. COMPLETE Lyrics, title in English and Japanese, Album Art, Song Preview, Practice Sections In Progress Lead 1 - Combo arrangement Chart is about half way done. DD was automagically generated by Rocksmith DLC Builder 20210403 Better tones - Currently have a low gain amp that matches somewhat more to Yui's amp than Azusa's. I've never been good at fiddling with amp knobs. Guidance and tone suggestions appreciated. Need to Do Lead 2 would be just Yui's part Rhythm 1 would be just Azusa's part Nice to Have Bonus Lead - Play along to the main melody a la Poker Face style Bass - a la More Than Words style
  3. You have some big shoes to fill. I hope this goes smoothly! =D
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