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  1. raynebc's post in Missing DLL Files was marked as the answer   
    You have to unzip the full build of EOF (1.8RC12) to a folder, then unzip the hotfix on top of it, replacing older files with the newer ones from the hotfix.  You can't just download the hotfix and use it, it's not a complete EOF release.
  2. raynebc's post in Change tunning was marked as the answer   
    EOF will offer to adjust the fret number of a track's notes when you change the tuning of any string, but it won't transpose a note to another string in order to do this and will highlight the notes that you will have to manually change.  For such a big change in tuning I expect you may have to make many changes for the sake of play-ability if nothing else.
  3. raynebc's post in Error trying to import GP5 drum tab into Phase Shift was marked as the answer   
    If you can send me the entire log after importing the drum track and the Guitar Pro file in question, it would be helpful.  Keep in mind that after the import, I don't believe it will automatically change the active track to PART DRUMS if you imported a drum track instead of a guitar track.  Open Song>Track and see if PART DRUMS or PART REAL_DRUMS_PS has an asterisk next to its name (which would indicate the track has contents).
  4. raynebc's post in String Mute was marked as the answer   
    That radio button is a bit complicated in how it works, it only allows the status to be applied if all gems in the note are already marked as string mutes.  Use the "mute" checkbox next to each gem instead, or use the CTRL+X (remove fret number and apply string mute status) or SHIFT+X (keep existing fret number and apply strnig mute status) controls.
  5. raynebc's post in Import and sync issues from GPA 4 was marked as the answer   
    That means the first sync point occurs after the first beat, and based on the timing it would put one or more beats before 0 seconds.  The best way to avoid that would be to sync the first beat marker at or after 0 seconds.
    If you sync the tab to audio, and then edit the audio afterward by inserting silence to the beginning, it will no longer be in sync with the tab.  You can click and drag the first beat marker in EOF (or manually adjust the delay value in Song>Properties, which is measured in milliseconds) to sync it up again.  If you insert silence before you sync the GPA file, this shouldn't be an issue you need to correct for after importing it into EOF.
  6. raynebc's post in Input Method - Piano Roll? was marked as the answer   
    The input method only affects how you place/remove notes in the chart, it won't change how the project's contents export to XML.
  7. raynebc's post in Adjust length of each note in a chord individually, or alternatively not have each note that starts on a certain bar be counted as a chord at all? was marked as the answer   
    Authoring certain things requires some more complex mechanisms like "tech notes", which are basically a second set of notes where you apply various statuses/techniques to individual notes in a chord.  There's a pretty thorough tutorial about their use here:
    Keep trying with the custom though, sometimes it takes some troubleshooting to figure out why a chart doesn't work in-game.
  8. raynebc's post in EOF stops reponding was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you have the latest hotfix of EOF installed.  Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with programs, so whitelisting EOF may be necessary.
  9. raynebc's post in Can't seem to get the BPM right was marked as the answer   
    In most cases, you're going to have to make tempo corrections throughout a chart because the musicians are not as accurate as machines.  To copy multiple notes, select a range of notes by clicking one, seeking to another note, holding SHIFT and clicking that note.  You can also add/remove a note to the selection by holding CTRL when you click.  There are also many other selection/deselection functions in the Edit>Selection menu.
  10. raynebc's post in How to change handshapes for Rocksmith was marked as the answer   
    Due to some requirements for handshapes in EOF (reflecting the almost universal usage of them in Rocksmith), making a handshape for a single note will involve using ghost notes (which won't affect gameplay).  Place a gem AFTER the single note in question, with it being the only note selected, use "Note>Pro guitar>Toggle ghost" (or press CTRL+G) and the note's fret value will be put in parentheses.  Select that ghost note and the single note for which you wanted to add the handshape and use Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>Mark (or press CTRL+SHIFT+H).  A blue rectangle will be drawn across the span of the notes in the new handshape and the single note will have a ghost note added to it because as per common Rocksmith usage, handshapes apply to chords and not single notes.
    If you want to control which finger the handshape says to play the single note with, you can select the note and use "Note>Rocksmigh>Edit frets/fingering" (or press F) and define the finger number in the finger field for the string having the played note.  The values range from 0 (for thumb, you can also use the letter T) to 4 (pinky).
    As far as alternatives, there aren't really any.  Even for authoring pro guitar in Rock Band 3, there was only one user created editor apart from EOF, developed by ZiggyXNAMVP ( It hasn't had any code changes in about 6.5 years though, and there's probably not much of any usage guides or videos for it.  Rocksmith authoring is reasonably complicated, you're going to want to read some of the guides and probably watch some videos as it's not something you can reasonably learn from scratch without many complications.  You can also skim through EOF's pro guitar authoring tutorial in the Help menu.  It pertains to Rock Band 3, but much of it is relevant to Rocksmith authoring.
    If you get stuck you can also pop into the CustomsForge Discord:
  11. raynebc's post in Harmonies was marked as the answer   
    There's no harmonies support in EOF.  It's been on the to-do list for a while, but so have a great number of things.  I'll basically never run out of features to work on.
  12. raynebc's post in stream EoF on twitch was marked as the answer   
    I have nothing against it.  Knock yourself out.
  13. raynebc's post in Freeze when generating spectrogram in linux was marked as the answer   
  14. raynebc's post in Importing old project not working. was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you're using the latest hotfix (10-30-2019), as at one point, the ability to load REALLY old projects was broken and has been fixed. If it still doesn't load in the latest hotfix, please send me the .eof project file so I can troubleshoot.
    The OGG sample rate warning only matters for Frets on Fire. You can ignore it unless you're really authoring for that game. I'll probably disable that warning since FoF is dead and was never revived.
  15. raynebc's post in Notes/chords not showing up properly in Rocksmith was marked as the answer   
    The fret values in parentheses () are ghost notes. By design, they are not playable notes and are only used to control certain authoring mechanisms like for arpeggios. If you remove the ghost status by selecting the notes and use "Note>Pro guitar>Remove ghost", it might resolve the problem.
  16. raynebc's post in EoF No Longer Recognizing Keyboard Inputs was marked as the answer   
    Somebody else mentioned that problem in the past (http://customsforge.com/topic/1529-latest-eof-releases-10-30-2019/page-129?p=316382&do=findComment&comment=316382), but the issue went away on its own for unknown reasons (ie. probably a cause external to EOF). It's hard to say what the problem could be. You could try the exkeys test program in that post to see if it detects your keyboard input.
  17. raynebc's post in EoF Dragging Beat Markers Extremely Jumpy was marked as the answer   
    Likely an issue with reading the mouse. Some people have had to lower the polling rate or resolution of their mouse for it to work well in EOF. Give that a try or if that doesn't help, see if you can try a cheap no-frills USB mouse.
  18. raynebc's post in application flickers endlessly was marked as the answer   
    From my experience this is an occasional bug with Allegro, especially when using ALT+Tab. If it detects Tab being pressed before ALT, it will think the Tab key is stuck and then it cycles through the difficulty tabs in EOF. Try hitting Escape or using ALT+Tab or using the mouse to take EOF out of the foreground and then bring it back to foreground.
  19. raynebc's post in Why does EOF think I have two beats per measure? was marked as the answer   
    I've improved Guitar Pro import's handling of this special case:

  20. raynebc's post in Error importing lyrics - first time ever for japanese song was marked as the answer   
    The original file in the dropbox link imports as-is in the latest hotfix of EOF, doesn't seem like there's a problem. A much older version of EOF (pre March 28, 2017) would have been unable to import this file due to the presence of the Byte Order Mark (a Unicode encoding mechanism).
  21. raynebc's post in Big question was marked as the answer   
    Chances are you're trying to import the wrong XML files into EOF. If you provide one, I can verify if that's the case. The XML file you want will be one that includes "
  22. raynebc's post in EOF for macOS 64Bit was marked as the answer   
    I don't think it will be feasible to rebuild EOF and all of its dependencies as 64 bit. There are consequences caused by Apple's progress for the sake of "progress" instead of actual need. You might be able to run it in a VM or something, presumably there will be lots of Apple users who still want to run 32 bit software.
  23. raynebc's post in Editor on Fire Duplicates Measures After Import was marked as the answer   
    I was following along in Guitar Pro 5 how EOF was unwrapping all the repeats and alternate endings, but then Guitar Pro gave the "Erreur de verification d'etendue" error, which means the Guitar Pro file was corrupt. My guess is that this is a botched conversion from a newer Guitar Pro format, which is not an uncommon problem with Guitar Pro 6 and newer. EOF can't be blamed for a broken GP5 file.
    Up to the point where Guitar Pro complained about the file being corrupt, the only possible issue I see (and this would require a person strongly familiar with music notation to confirm) is that after the Da Segno marker at the end of measure 56 causes the song to seek to the segno marker at measure 31, whether measures 39 and 40 are supposed to be played again (as EOF does during the import) or if they should be skipped because those alternate ending measures were already played.
  24. raynebc's post in Importing lyrics from midi file was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried using EOF's "Note>Lyrics>Import GP style lyric text" function? It will leave the existing lyric notes where they are and would instead replace the lyric text with the contents of a text file. This text file should be a copy/paste of how the lyrics are defined in Guitar Pro (at least in Guitar Pro 5's format).
  25. raynebc's post in Help Miss Note ! was marked as the answer   
    If you're using the toolkit to add dynamic difficulties (DDC), it could be a problem involving that. If you create a version of the chart without DDC, do all notes appear in-game?
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