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Notes/chords not showing up properly in Rocksmith


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As you can see in the image below, there's notes that are in brackets with a slash on top (pardon my ignorance if there's a technical term for it) and whenever I finally went to add finger positions, it wouldn't let me add them. 




After going through the process to make it playable in Rocksmith, none of these notes in brackets were there for me to play, instead only the ones highlighted in colour. And again, as I mentioned, attempting to  add the finger positions to these notes didn't work. So, what am i doing wrong?



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The fret values in parentheses () are ghost notes. By design, they are not playable notes and are only used to control certain authoring mechanisms like for arpeggios. If you remove the ghost status by selecting the notes and use "Note>Pro guitar>Remove ghost", it might resolve the problem.

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